People with huge followings promoting nutritional lies and dishonest health claims really pisses me off to be honest with you to me sharing the utmost truth on nutrition health healing this body is a duty of mine, yet so many are sharing from a place of still addicted, I know this, cause I’ve been there 


What if you didn’t need it? 

Promoting that this food is a superfood, great for the brain, good for you, is a lie and not taking care of our fellow sisters and brothers 

Yes it’s a plant, but it’s a plant that has a mechanism when in the body that does not support the body to balance relax feel well or be well 

It’s great to fire you up.

It’s great to get you going.

It’s great to suppress the appetite.

But is this great for your health, NO.

After being a long term coffee drinker, I found out a thing or two, I even did a little experiment afew weeks ago 

after no coffee for 3 years, I had a cup here in Bali, I thought let’s really see what this feels like now in my pure clean vibrant body, she’ll really tell me…

(see if we just keep putting it in, you’ll never really know how it makes you feel, and how good you can really feel!)

1 hour later I felt awful, nervous, on edge very unrelaxed, even a bit paranoid, all things I have not felt at all for years, proofs in!

the stimulation means an attack on the nervous, gut microbiome, hormones, heart, mood receptors and dopamine pathways, this all means the body is put under huge pressure to perform under stress

the addiction desire need for it can be healed, and a new way of living life can be embodied, where the body is naturally fired up aligned clear ready for action

It’s freedom. 

Ask yourself these questions and journal on them, it’ll give you insight into what it’s covering up, all stimulant addictions are covering up another part of the true You…a next level,

What would it mean to give it up?

How does it make you feel to give it up? …and where do you feel that in your body? 

Do you want to give it up?

to living totally FREE❤️

PS: Image is actually an organic hot cacao and almond milk, a great alternative to shift off coffee, yes it still has some stimulating properties, but different pathways in the body, it’a sacred heart mind emotion medicine when drank with intention and love, it calms rather than stresses the body, and is also super delicious! and it’s chocolate!🙊