Do you fear failure because you’ve already tried so much around getting the weight-loss, ending the stress food wobbles and anxiety? 

Or, is it the success of ‘what will it mean to be the best me’, who will I have to be then? 

It’s like a dual going on inside you. 

Beauty, I want you to know you are not alone, I journeyed this one as well and still have my moments, I just know how to navigate through rapdio now with ease

I could say I failed many times, to get to where I am in my body with my health today, I had to go against the grain, exist societies lies, drop the ego of rules and say adios to the status quo, and OPEN MY HEART TO THE TRUTH and trust within

As an ex semi-pro athlete it was all about competition for me for so long, until I realised the only person I’m competing against is myself my soul, love

…and then the switch flipped inside me and true self-love started to anchor down, take care of herself and never ignore what the physical body is showing

Our society is built on competition, it’s lost all understanding of the heart, the soul self, of the truth, that we are all equals in this together, sisters on our own unique journeys but flowing side by side here to help each other 

I’ve decided and come to understand a different way of looking at this failure success thing in life our health body achievements

There is no success there is no failure, there’s just growth and learning, isn’t that relieving, isn’t that liberating

(Let’s also remember, it sure can be a lot how we look if we like, and it was for me for a long while, know it’s way more about how I feel in my body, and from that focus you will always enhance the inner outer beauty magic anyway, let them plant foods heal within and see you blossom everywhere)

Freedom right here, that sets you free to trust that gut soul calling knowing the next right move forward for your growth your learning

on your holy mission, not having to prove anything to anyone, just flowing with your heart, the excitement the pleasure the coming home to peace in your body ending the struggle because you can.

We can all choose new perspectives in all areas of our life, ones that support us instead of go against us, feel we have to fight for our place 

There is no fight, you belong, you are safe, you can learn to trust within, and remember that there is no destination, it’s simply truly all about the journey, living in a healthy happy body is the way to freedom on all levels, breathe this safety into every cell of your being

How much will you give to know you better? 

the deeper you true you on a mission YOU the GODDESS you, who shows up and sprinkles the magic everywhere so in love with who she is be-coming

You get to simply allow what is unfolding to be perfect, exactly what is needed right now, and you also get to catch any fear holding you in the safety blanket of hiding seek

Powerhouse courageous woman, hiding seek is over, its now our time as female leaders to stand up be brave have our voice love our body temples and grow evolve and rise 

we are all guiding each other to deeper parts of the true Self, and that’s a beautiful thing, when we just trust life … 

What if you truly trusted yourself, what would be different? 

Love you!❤️