I spent years, probably over a decade
changing up my diet, trying it all,
feeling like I was doing it all right,

but I still never felt quite right, lacking that vibrancy clarity aliveness confidence in my body,

You hear so much of this – Let’s …
TRY the gaps diet for 8 weeks, or TRY Keto for 3 months (until you’ve suppressed your body into false relief🤔) or TRY paleo for a bit, or TRY vegetarian,

what’s really being said here is;

“This should might work for you, try this” …and THIS is exactly why so many are not healing and struggling for months years decades,
…with 100% curable healable imbalances,
even if the doctor
or another practitioner has said it’s not
its always healable,
your body always wants to heal itself,

It’s making you doubt yourself and if it’s even possible, I want to show you, it is,
but it’s beyond the FAD diet

You’re being lead through societal conditioning round food, because most don’t want to change their habits, so they make up all the stories beliefs to support (if honest) what’s not working for them,

When deep deep down, there’s an internal fire inside, being fueled by more acid and more stimulants – more toxicity

the Body will only adapt for so long,
then it will crash
and it’s you
that needs to pick up the pieces
to putting it all back together

this is not your fault, you’ve been sold a lie
to keep you in the illusion of fear
it’s everywhere
it’s not who you are,

You are limitless
You are potential
You are pure
You are free

You are life itself
Food is a part of who you are
In its purest form
It’s not something to fear,

Living with food can become effortless easy deeply enjoyable liberating pure bliss

it’s seen not as a ‘one off’ thing you have to do, or attend to, or sort out,

but as a part of who you are,

You are WELLBEING at your core

It’s already in YOU.

It’s time to unlock your health abundance and swim in your eternal body paradise,

You are awe inspiring creation
with the ability to turn anything around
living your dream existence in a body
you deserve to adore and thrive in
feeling sensual and loved in

Here’s what’s happening;

💎you go backwards when someone tells you- you can still heal your body and eat a ton of dairy, oil, grains and meat, take supplements, and not regenerate your organs, when the truth is, this will only suppress the body into fake relief and add to the internal toxicity (that’s causing your unnecessary struggle)

💎you get told to buy a ton of supplements, to avoid doing the deeper work, when the deeper cellular work is the true freedom, yet once again you get stuck in the hamster wheel of supplements just like medication (it’s a trap, I got so sick off supplements, they ruined by gut health and liver, my whole body was put further out of balance – they’re robots, we are multi-dimensional beings that need intelligent design – found in nature 🍇🥑here you get transform)

💎you’ve read so many books, scrolled through so much BS on the internet that fills you with fear, totally overwhelmed with a brain full of mistruths and misinformation – you don’t know who to believe trust and are losing hope it’s even possible!

Any of that sound familiar? this was me too, for years!!

But deep in your heart soul, you know there’s a way … and this is why you continue to read my posts and are drawn to what I share … because truth speaks volumes … you feel it inside you,
but because truth is so rare, it feels scary,
it feels unfamiliar

YET so familiar to who you are at DNA level

Under all societies lies conditioning and toxicity

Your body is calling you to – the real work

Do you feel that?

Your heart is calling you forth,

But your cellular memory has so much conflicting information, it seems so draining to work it out, but here’s the thing, here’s where you have to,
get quiet
tune in
turn on,
and listen to your body’s voice
(that speaks in feeling)

NOT to anyone else,
but to who you are under all that chaos,

a society lead by making food out to be so toxic and abused – REAL FOOD – its MOTHER EARTH (…and we wonder why are planet is a mess and needs us more than ever right now, and needs you, awake and healthy)

You are not crazy

What you feel is real

And you deserve to feel the way you desire
day dream about
have on your vision board

I remember feeling like a total nut case for years, and so many boyfriends and friends saying “you always think there’s something wrong with you”

Yes I did, because I felt like shit, and I knew in my heart this wasn’t my truth,
and my body needed to heal itself,
so I didn’t stop until I birthed my inner paradise,

what a dream come true. to follow your truth. and not let anyone get in your way. be the warrior goddess that you are. and live your birthright of utter peace – BEing you.

How about you gorgeous?

My loving💜message for you today: don’t get sucked into the false hype of DIETS, they’re a merry ground that’s NOT merry one bit, it’s exhausting and life-taking, come home to your heart your soul that is nature and it’s natural rhythms, you are one in the same, no different, as natures changes so can you, with grace, as nature sheds its old layers so can you, with joy to let go.
If the tree hung onto its old leaves what would happen, it would get in the way of blossoming new fresh vibrant ones, so see this on you, the longer you hold onto the old you, the symptoms, the weight, the exhaustion, the bloat, the pain, the hypothyroid- the more you get in the way of your truth of body liberation,
of living free
of living in peace

Remember your magic
Remember your grace
Remember your sovereignty

Come home.

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