I see so many opting for what looks the easiest way out
the quick fix when it comes to healing, me too, I soon found out this wasn’t the way to health and healing though

there is no quick fix and if there is
it’s no real solution to wellness,
it’s a solution to suppress your symptoms for a few more months maybe even a year if you’re lucky, but is this lucky, absolutely no way, it’ll come back roaring,

how do I know, I can hear you asking, because I’ve tried it,

I spent over a decade avoiding the real work, because I found so many ways to suppress myself, thinking I was better

If you’re suppressing your own body,
how can you teach another to heal
But when we actual heal the body,
here we can teach another to thrive

The less foods I have to stop, the better
Pop supplements, it’s quick and convenient
I’ll do it for 7 days then see how I feel,
and here’s what happens …

no one is advised it’s a lifestyle

It’s the food and the lifestyle that’s causing so much imbalance

to what extent will you allow convenience to takeover your wellbeing?

If you are one of the tribe seeking to be the best version of yourself and make change in this world from a clear pure conscious place,

I honour your courage and I stand with you,

We need more of us taking a stand for true health,

When we no longer suppress, here we get to heal, and live free from symptoms and stress

You know you’re ready, you hear your body asking for help, enough is enough,

It’s time to do it properly
heal and have quality health
not pretend health,
this mindset changed everything for me,
to no longer pretend and get so honest with myself,
was SO liberating

You know you are here for more and to feel your best,
I want you to know I believe in you, and your vision!

Health is our foundation to a successful wild free life, rich in connection and creativity

Ready for a deep loving connection to yourself and to awaken a vibrant creativity and ease in your body?

Arianna x

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