Do you ever wonder this too Beautiful?

so I peeled everything back, I dug deep into the truth on diets and real nutrition, and how this all really impacts the body emotions and loosing that toxic excess weight for good and letting us live our best life

what did I uncover, 


…because when I addressed the root cause, I naturally started eating food my body really wanted and thrived off, that feels so good, and it’s not just lettuce and pineapple😅, it’s so varied and rich in vibrant delights

It actually pisses me off😆 when people say what I do is radical, because it’s not, it’s just there’s been so much brainwashing on food to survive, whatever, it’s about THRIVING over here love

brainwashing to survive that’s feeding the cause …

of the weight stuff

of the stress

of the anxiety

of the overdoing

of the negative thoughts

of the exhaustion 

of the cravings 

of the hormone imbalances 

I was eating out of harmony with my bodies natural rhythms because of two things: 

I wasn’t feeling my emotions, and my body was so acidic it was hosting parasites and mucus, which were causing a huge disturbance in my gut brain liver stomach, which was impacting my thoughts mood energy hormone health weight and clarity 

when I came to terms with the root of my weight ups and downs stress cravings exhaustion, then I started to truly heal, I saw that I had to go to the root, to then address the way I was eating, and from there everything gut so much easier, just like Rachel did above to get her results 

so yes, of course it is about what you eat, but not in the sense of that the diet will heal you, you and me both know that doesn’t work, it’s about understanding the root of your ill-health, and from there the food thing naturally takes a healthy form that supports your whole-being, physically mentally emotionally energetically, on all levels

It’s not extreme, it’s the truth. 

Are you willing to do it differently, to live your most alive richest most truest you life in a body you LOVE?

Love you❤️


PS: Apply for a Body Breakthrough call like Rachel did (link in bio lovely)