I always felt so insecure about my breasts, I thought about implants, but felt too afraid to have the surgery and toxic stuff put inside me 

I spent thousands of pounds on a machine, that I wore at night, it worked, then the size increase disappeared

I just wanted to feel like a woman, sexy sensual, I wanted to feel adequate in my body, attractive, and thought my breasts were the way to achieving this

But my inner guidance kept nudging me every time I thought again about the surgery, or didn’t feel enough

this loving inner voice guiding me to heal my connection with my heart and learn to love myself more deeply

I trusted that inner voice, I started self-caring more deeply, learning practices that supported me to feel more connection acceptance and love towards my body

I want to be so clear Beautiful, I am not judging any woman for getting implants, I honour every woman’s decision with her body

I’m sharing a bit of what I’ve learned about being in this feminine body, there’s so much

I have had many women reach out to me experiencing symptoms of dis-ease and pain in their body due to the toxicity of the implants, so I understand how sensitive this subject is

What I came to understand in this body, is that the more I took care of me, the more I remembered self-love, and slowed down, the more I got the cellular toxicity out of my body, healed my inner child of not feeling enough, healed my traumas around my body and sexuality

a new connection started to grow between me my body and my breasts

I started to love my body, to love being a woman, feeling enough as I am, I started to delve deeper into the root cause around smaller breasts, and found some interesting findings; 

one being a link to depleted adrenals, linked to the health of our hormones, kidneys and lymphatic system (detox pathways) 

this can go both ways, hypo or hyper, showing smaller or larger breasts

a very beautiful journey to coming home to loving this body!

from such self-loathing, to now see so much beauty, its love

and, the sexy sensual for me, came from getting to know my Soul Self, true Self.

You are so loved darling woman💓