I received this message the other day
“I hope you feel how you look …obviously social media is just an image!”

how I feel is often beyond words,
it’s a frequency,
I feel totally high in this body I have cleaned and tended to so tenaciously,
I feel euphoria most days in this body,
I feel bliss wonder joy deep happiness
so much love in my heart❤️

this is what’s available to us all,
You get to live this to,
if you really want it?

I know suffering, and I chose to let it go, and to do whatever it took to feel happy healthy joyous love and alive in my body and life

I chose a long time ago, that my health would always be number 1, and my reality reflects it, #ofcourse it does, I chose it,

You can choose to stay in the stories the excuses the struggle,
or you can decide what you truly want,
and then align to it, and go for it!

You are the creator of your body!

so what’s your most wildest vision?

she’s already living …
tap in

I choose living in this body
to be a pure sweet vibration 🍓🍉👗

Happiness is something everyone wants,

so why do you question it?
If it’s what you truly desire …

Happiness is your birthright

Health is your birthright

Happiness is what you are

Health is what you are

Ready to rise up,
you have to choose happiness
like you have to choose health
and believe in happiness
and believe in health
and then from here
you will take the actions
to truly live happy
and healthy

It all starts inside
the body
happiness is an
internal game,
not external.

I Choose happiness everyday,

What are you choosing today?

Ready to rise-up Beautiful,

The Body Awakening
Tulum🌵 Ibiza 🏝2020

Come to awaken your body paradise in paradise, away from it all, it’s time for you.

Amazing raw plant foods, pristine nature, kundalini, dancing, singing,
loving, laughing,
reset, rejuvenate,
quantum recalibrating to your next level!
And so much more!

Applications closing soon.
To Apply Comment below with BODY AWAKENING, and I’ll send you the details.

Health and happiness is your birthright💜


Arianna x

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