HUMANITIES FEAR OF DEATH… an awakening to rebirth into more of our true sovereign wild free loving embodied self🌹🔥

…really a fear of change … say it with me, I am safe to change, change is safe,

This has been deeply present for me over the last few months,

Yet I have died 100 times over the last 13 months, death is not something we wait for, it’s happening daily, if we allow it … here we #risesister

… it is in the deaths that we are reborn over and over again, eternal life awakens, it’s a home coming …

on this journey back to our true self we are dyeing to a part of our ego personality identity illusions

I have tried so much to cling onto and grasp what I thought was me what I thought was- who I am meant to be, but as I’ve continued to go deeply into my-self and heal and rise and embody and awaken …

I’ve realized so much of who I thought I was, is not who I am, the self-judgement comparisons rejection, integrating the light and dark as one,

change is who we are, everything is always changing- as we are seeing so deeply on our planet right now

I have surrendered fully to the death of parts of me daily for a long time now, and however uncomfortable even painful it can be,

I allow it now, I embrace it now, because my biggest pain is to not have lived to my fullest potential, to self-actualise, to be my best self during this gift of human life

…so death is no longer unknown, because we go through it daily, so the unknown drops away and a wholeness returns and a union of divine love becomes our living body temple,

…my calling to live embodied as my truest self is sacred to me,
now when I sit with this sacred calling,
I can let the excuses sabotage procrastination stories old programming
all drop away,

as I choose my reality,

You get to choose too Sister🌏💞

…as we remember, why we am here,
as we remember, who we are at our core, as I see myself for the everything and nothing that I am, and I embrace it all, dark and light,

…transformation is activated in the stillness silence presence … here we radical awaken home to our heart …

there is no separation, only the mind playing with us, my heart is whole, my body awake, love everywhere, and I wish for you too, to listen to your sacred calling home …

What is your sacred calling Beloved Sister?

Love & Light
Rise Sister!

Arianna x

Award-Winning Women’s Health Coach & Natural Health Advocate, Weight Loss Thyroid & Detox Expert – www.ariannaaunon.com/start-here

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