I remember my mum and 2 sisters constantly having to get their thyroid levels checked,

back and forth to the doctors
getting nowhere with their health
just being given numbers on paper

We want solution and clarity,
Not attachment and confusion,

unfortunately there is nothing more inaccurate to test our hormones
than a blood test

the best test for thyroid hormones is the Basal temperature test which you can easily find online, but what I’ve seen to be even more accurate for hormone testing affective and much quicker in
Awakening vibrant health results
is physical and emotional symptomology and bioresonance (energy testing),
this address’s the root cause via getting clear on the symptoms your body is presenting

Symptoms tell us everything.

Feeling is the language of the body.

I believe 95% of blood tests are distracting us from our birthright of true healing and embodying radiant health,

the root cause always comes back to toxicity, and using mucus free/lean plant foods cellular detox dry fasting herbal formulas – all this can be corrected,

I came to realise on this long Health journey that health is not measured in numbers or on paper or by blood,

but health is measured by the feeling of the body, physically mentally and emotionally, this tells you everything

We have to get honest with ourselves, and not make out our symptoms are normal,

the body when healthy can feel like a light piece of silk covering your soul, it only feels anything different due to obstruction at cell level, which you can release,

One of my sisters was told her levels were so high when she had started to come off her medication, that she could go into a coma, even die, this is not supportive kind helpful or an act of service in the slightest

I know what it’s like when you’re trying to heal, and to speak and believe the truth of limitless possibility
is essential for your wellbeing!

Health and healing that allows the body to heal itself comes from removing the root cause
physical obstruction

It’s about locking in the determination, and deciding you can and will heal,

I took my healing journey into my own hands as I was getting nowhere with modern medicine, and after a ton of deep research trails quantum testing studies, being my own experiment,
it all came back to detoxification,
at a cellular level,

Quantum cellular regeneration
that can heal the physical body
from anything.

Trust you can heal
Our body is designed to heal
I know it may not feel that way,
I know as I’ve been there too,
the body will heal
the body just needs the right
internal environment
just like we need a healthy supportive external environment
to live
to feel at peace clear aligned uplifted
so do we inside
to heal

Focus on getting the elimination pathways functioning by healing the gut for optimal digestion through eating –
more raw less cooked food combining more alkaline foods than acid foods and dry fasting periods, this process totally transformed my body on all levels.

If you have any questions for me comment below or reach out privately if you’re wanting specialist support on your healing journey,

I am here for you💜


Arianna x

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