Fellow high priestess powerful woman, Are you really going to follow the rules, that’s not what we do, we live from Our heart, the heart does NOT do rules, the heart KNOWS truth

you have so much sacred wisdom to unlock inside that body of yours that awakens huge FREEDOM

ALL rising now

rising out of the suppression slumber intoxication addictions shame fears unworthiness pain, hiding under all that excess weight and medication

bin it, shed it, let it go, 

COME HOME to peace in YOU

NOW is your time dear sister

you are needed in your 

HIGHEST VISION, your badass

Boom energy! Queen magic! 

remembering the way…

🌱you will realize the truth, you will remember the way home to peace within yourself, you will reawaken the way of love in your heart, you will shed that excess weight for good, no longer needing to hide your sexuality, no longer afraid of your body

🌱letting go of the past the old the excess toxins within is the way home to freedom to full clarity and boundless creativity in this body temple, full purpose is switched ON

you FEEL magnetic, you FEEL ALIVE, sexy IS turned back on, soul is beaming BABE, self-love who you are with effortless ease, you attract life to you, like a warm breeze on your skin, tickling you with love and joy

the way home to your deepest self, is the way home to your highest self, she’s multidimensional multifaceted, and she radiates her magic her beauty everywhere she goes

SHE OWNS HER PRESENCE as super fly, she KNOWS she’s got this and is rocking it in her body!

Will you honour the call Gorgeous? 

and live TRUE, rid that heaviness and know once those hormones are in check, the sugar caffeine cravings shed, you feel energized uplifted, emotions stable calm, stress dissolves as you return home to your inner queendom of blissdom as yumminess as you

choose natures alkalising truth

choose a new set of habits that support you 

choose empowerment of “I CAN DO THIS”

choose to clean your bodyhome to Crystal clear

choose the plants that revive and rejuvenate 

Are you ready to return home to your rightful place in that HEAVENLY healthy peaceful fit body my Queen?💋