I spent a huge part of my life buried under my suppressed feelings, cravings pain exhaustion lack of self confidence food drama addictions, searching for love 

Honestly, I didn’t know how to love myself, 

but I didn’t stop until I found a way to remember my true frequency of love …

All it’s ever been about is remembering your divinity, coming home, this is what my health journey has shown me…It showed me the way home to loving myself so deeply 

a cellular cleanse reset whole-body holistic approach, was my route to optimal vibrancy, grounding alkaline living into my roots of life

women come to lose weight quit the emotional eating esp.sugar cravings, heal hormones emotions pain, ITS more about reigniting confidence feminine power the inner flame, the heart, truth, get clearer or go even deeper on purpose and feel alive joy

I see our work together as co-creation-unity, powerful divine beings coming together with clear intent, the highest outcome is birthed 

  • a lady wanting to heal autoimmune, she healed it naturally, after years of trying-searching, activating her voice even more and feminine power in biz
  • another amazing women was trying to complete a project for many years, powered through and completed it during our time together, feeling the best she has felt in years, alive clear
  • healing sexual trauma, sugar cravings, hip pain, fatigue, chronic imbalances, getting off 15years of thyroid medication, having the “most powerful downloads” 

everything is divinely synched, the power you be-hold in this vessel is so Insane, 

this body is a gift, you get to choose Beauty

what will it be, FREEDOM or URGH?

It’s been a journey of commitment to myself, my lifestyle my health and a life of intention

🌿Transition effortlessly to food bliss

🌿Alkalise to stabilise vibrant health

🌿Regenerate to maintain life-long freedom


You are powerful beyond measure🔥

Safe to let go and safe to love yourself💕

Safe to be feminine and safe to speak up😚


Love you!