First things first🌬you get to find that way home to loving yourself💕AND, you get to hear the truth about healing your body NATURALLY! 

I have witnessed so many women come to me that have been totally mal treated and mal diagnosis under western medicine, they mess with your emotions feelings beliefs heart

this is NOT where it’s at. 

TRUE caring is where it’s at. 

You are precious darling woman. the way you feel is important. your soul knows. trust it. 

I’m here to be a light in that dark agenda, medication will induce further ill-health, do they tell you this, NO.

You are here for LOVE.

Your body is your sacred TEMPLE.

…what you want for your body health life, 

I promise you, YOU can have it,

…how do I know this,

cause I’m holding the mirror:

I use to hate my body 

I use to hate myself 

I use to feel such shame, 

and now I don’t, 

I love myself 

I love my body, 

I am healthy and free, 

that inner integrity 

is what birthed my freedom 

of true self-loving!

of my true-Self!

which birthed

True Health


Is you body paying the price due to this failing of the medical system? and lies about what to eat in the food industry?

…this is why I work with a said to be radical non-conformist approach, cutting-edge nutritional knowledge and wisdom

it’s just REAL, we do whatever it takes here at The Body Awakening ‘Way’ so you can feel your best, and live a life you love!

You can heal. Nutrition is the way. Detox is the way. Nature is safe. Medication is not. 

I want you to know you’re in the right place. Having been through what maybe you’re going through on some level, I see your vision, and I KNOW you can have it. 

!!!READY for your own 

Body Awakening Revolution!!!

⭐️check out Spring Cleanse 11 on IGTV; … why that inner nudge to get off meds is TRUE, how to trust it & 3 clear steps towards getting of it, weight-loss true health & feeling at peace within🎀

Love & blessings



Award-Winning Women’s Health Specialist, where we do it differently & thrive in this body gorgeous woman!💫