We’ve become so ignorant of this body, and wonder why there’s so much ill-health? 

believing we can pop a pill and everything’s ok, it’s far from ok, this temple needs love, purification, cleansing detoxing CELL deep, ph balancing, nourishing, rebuilding, repairing, regenerating = RESET

Yes parasites came out of my bum, it’s true, a lot, embarrassing, no, it’s just radical healing if you want to truly experience a true connection to yourself and feel at total peace and in love with who you are, with life, to truly start LIVING.

I was willing to do anything I needed to do to get myself back, to remember to awaken to free myself in this body and feel totally relaxed in my being, to come home to my happy alive feminine Self

it was life-changing for me; taking medication to kill parasites or even natural herbs, unless you see that thing come out of you, is doing nothing, they need to come out for full healing, get a solid parasite protocol in place!

they float around causing havoc within, releasing chemicals toxics that make you feel exhausted heavy craving sugar caffeine bread stodge…

Parasites feed off your nutrients, they eat your food, they eat away at the gut lining, they suck off your life force and feed negative powerless energies into the body-mind-soul … 

I gave so much of my power away throughout my life, in relationships to out there nonsense to doctors to family to addictions to people-pleasing to putting others needs before my own,

…this along with eating a highly acidic diet, suppressing my feelings for decades, drinking a lot of alcohol, and NEVER cleaning my body at a cellular level, taking oral contraceptives for years, I created an environment parasites love to feast off and in,

So I committed to getting these things out, I fruit fasted I dry fasted I used herbs I did enemas, I set powerful intentions, everything had huge intention during a period of 3 years (still does) where I got out around 30-40 parasites, some 2/3meters long, it felt SO GOOD! 

LIBERATION! Goddess power reclaimed! Boom!

My health totally transformed there is SO much to experience in this body temple!

I reclaimed so much strength truth power love light freedom in my being, purpose creativity was all deeply activated … you have to clean within if you want things to clear up out there… I see it as a responsibility to our true Self to our fellow brothers and sisters and to our earth 

I have seen a much kinder peaceful happier harmonious creative loving caring soul emerge from this work, the more I tend to my inner garden the more I blossom and the more truth is revealed to me  

this body is a symbiotic ecosystem, the terrain of your gut and the entire body is linked to the terrain of our earth, everything is connected and created inside the body, and why going within is the KEY

As you tend to your inner terrain you transform your life completely, habits patterns thoughts beliefs, you Awaken a Whole New World from within, life becomes flow ease grace, a JOY!