Our emotions are always trying to tell us something. They are your feedback of where you’re at inside this body temple, where is your energy at?

When did you last tune into your endocrine health, those precious glands? have you thought about them recently? have you EVER thought about them? your life depends on the HEALTH of these glands, your mood food habits clarity energy levels are all impacted!

these glands are hormone centres, your powerhouse centres, without their health we feel- uncentered ungrounded emotionally everywhere sluggishness anxious stressed craving sugar coffee tea alcohol escape …

I wondered why I wasn’t embodying the results I wanted for so long, so much healing, but no lasting embodied results, because these babies were full of mucus and calcified by toxicity, acidic build up that blocks flow and joy

If you’re feeling emotionally up and down, it’s your body telling you these glands need your attention, are you going to listen to their sacred voice giving you a heads up?

let’s not blame it on our planet ascending or the drama rolling right now, it’s always an internal job, the KEY is WITHIN you, to unlock your truth of divine Vibrant health now 

We feel know embody and stand in our centre when these glands are clean cleansed purified reset regenerated and realigned- here hormones reset, immune system thrives, weight regulates, sugar and caffeine cravings go, energy levels boost and you feel AmaZing! 

HERE your body remembers balance inner strength and inner peace, you feel home in you💕

🌿Using plant foods; mucus-free to alkalize, cleanse detox and purify along with fasting, having a nutritional foundation set to stabilize results long-term after purification, and using specific herbs to regenerate/nurture, and support the body from toxic stressors!

It’s about building a protective field from within, this is where REAL protection is built, from a healthy INNER terrain, NOTHING can touch your well-being if your inner world is clear clean purified and healthy #truth

So Beautiful, what are your emotions saying today? Self-honesty sets us free❤️