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Who/what is your force for change?

I am my own force for change,

like @SalmaHayek says in Vogue – “my force for change is me”

We are all our own force for change.

The ability to turn inward and face what’s going on INSIDE us is the strongest force for change

to HEAL our bodies
nourish our planet
and let go of our own pains

Your power

There is
no medication
no supplement
no fitness regime
no fad diet that will heal the body,

The body heals itself
when the internal toxicity and chaos has been removed
when the body is given the environment to heal itself

Keep adding toxicity into the body,
then all our precious body can do is store more of this SHIT
that’s being pushed
and prescribed like sweets

Awake Up!!
To what’s really happening here, it’s way more sinister then you have maybe ever bought yourself to contemplate on

Let me ask you this “Why would we ever take something that’s further damaging the body, when you want to heal it?”

There is no sense
Absolutely ZERO
but there has also been no education to what medication really does to you

Well this is my part;

It numbs you
RE-toxifies you
Keeps you sick exhausted and stuck
Keeps you in the trap of meds
Keeps you from actually healing

I’m against any kind of long-term medication
because it does
NOTHING to help you
and isn’t necessary

Yes it may give us very short lived relief,
the Body is not stupid and nor are you, but the world has been lead to belief medication can help

Let me show you, it can’t!

Have you ever read the side-effects of medication?
to take something which is never going to do anything good to the body, and actually do more harm, like kill your brain cells, damage your heart, make you depressed, disrupt your organs and DNA, and make a mess inside you,
there’s even fatal side effects!

Awareness must be awoken around this toxicity.

So why do we take them, because no one explains to you what they’re really doing to you. How they work, it’s all a lie!!

Even cancer is a lie, we all have cancer cells, it’s the internal environment that switch them on, which can easily be changed through cellular detox, nutrition, mindset, and energy healing,

It’s a FEAR game.

I haven’t been to the doctors for years.

Something that is nothing, that is a passing shift in the body is pulled up by doctors fatal or a chronic disease, it’s not their fault, they’ve been taught on totally misinformed contexts and principles round the human body

WHEN all any imbalance or dysfunction is

IS toxicity
IS obstruction

here I am talking about the medication those are told to take long-term even for life,
this is a huge fallacy

EVEN if you go and get tests when you’re detoxing, it could bring up crazy stuff,
of course, because your body is releasing decades of waste, it doesn’t mean you have something wrong with you,

Your body is simply doing what it needs to do.

But when a FEAR based mind steps in,
all hell breaks lose!

It comes back to
reuniting yourself to you
to who you are
to your truth
to your power
to your strength


that the body can HEAL from ANYTHING given the right conditions!

We are beings of limitless potential, what a piece of paper says doesn’t determine your life or body. NOT a bit.

You get to CHOOSE!

life at your frequency
the way you want to
live feel look and BE

and it all begins inside us

so what do you choose today?

Are you your own force of change?

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