the journey in this body has shown me that the maintaining of a healthy weight, where your body feels so good so free so happy, light 

comes down to a few key points I want to share with you, I know what has so massively helped me to free myself from the dis-ease in my body, can absolutely help you too

let’s break it down Beautiful, the excess weight that just makes you feel so Urgh in your body, that makes you feel heavy emotional tired craving sugar, that has possibly lead to toxic medication, 

comes down to …

the food you are eating

the toxicity your cells are storing

the disconnect from your sexuality,

and your kundalini energy 

the FOOD: 

🌿the food industry as feed so much nonsense shit that has programmed so many into believing you need all these food stuffs, when we simply do not, and if you want to heal your dis-ease, then food is something you have to look at and stop ignoring love

there is SO much liberation awaiting you when ignorance/ego is dropped, and mind and heart is opened to a way of freeeeeeDOM (a free-kingdom of heaven within you is unlocked) 


💊our environment is full of toxicity, water supply food supply medication vaccinations synthetic supplements agrochemicals media news oral contraception pills

we have to clean our cells regenerate reset revive, to renew and thrive, shedding the toxic frequencies, to liberate Self!

the SEXUALITY & kundalini energy:

🌹it’s an unlocking of sexual energy, life force kundalini energy from root to crown, that allows our sexuality to awaken and consciousness to rise up to higher states

it means a journey of cleaning the fears survival programming trauma powerlessness guilt shame acidic cells and following the rules out – to start growing a garden of love expansion pleasure joy inner-power-strength peace, and follow your heart 

I had to take a journey deep into my lower body, energy centers, the root sacral solar, the colon gut reproductive organs to access true body freedom

to come home to feeling safe in my feminine body to love her so deeply to remember how to listen to her needs, my soul

Awaken your inner-light your joy your love, and live true to your soul darling, this is exactly what I’m focusing on, stop giving your attention to any nonsense that drains you and fully take the reigns of your life your vision your heart 


You are Magnificent!❤️

Love you,