FINALLY! this is Weight-Loss and Medication FREEDOM …

Hey Beautiful! 

This is for you if you’ve been dreaming of shifting that stubborn weight lovely, yet maybe tried so much, or just fed up with it all, ready to feel so free alive light energised clear and focused to start a New Year not so far away, an OH it’s going to be a fabulous one!!! Prepare for miracles!

It’s time to end any cycle of putting your health to the side, really, how can anything be more important than your health, than the way you feel inside, the way you feel impacts every area of your life, shift this, AND freedom happiness peace in your body IS yours!

Camilla came to me struggling with weight gain exhaustion anxiety stress caffeine cravings and drinking to much booze, she was pretty new to this natural way of healing, but could feel it made sense

She had been diagnosed by her doctor with severe stage 4 endometriosis, which meant strong toxic painkiller medication daily, flooding periods, body pain, tiredness weight gain and depression, showing us the gut hormone kidney and liver imbalances playing out in her physical symptoms 

Camilla was told it was incurable, and she would have to have a hysterectomy (any woman can avoid this surgery with addressing nutrition and detox via our TBAR method), this is when she decided to start researching and looking for other options, she didn’t want her womb space removed, and wanted to shift the weight so bad, she was fed up, ready for change and freedom, and this is when she found our safe space to heal 

Camilla didn’t even know that she could heal it all naturally, this is when she had a massive mindset shift, reclaimed her power and truth of FREEDOM, and got empowered around HER body HER wellbeing to take action and get support, so courageous, the truth of our human spirit 

She then booked a Body Breakthrough call where we discussed everything, she wanted a women’s health specialist opinion and guidance on this one to get clarity on her next steps and what was going to get her the results she wanted and end the medical system that has no health solution

she got super clear why she didn’t need the surgery, I supported Camilla to understand what was REALLY going on in her body, gave her honest truth on the lasting weight-loss process, and what tools will help here to heal fully, to get off the toxic suppressing medication, to lose 3 stone with ease and no dieting, and feel at peace in her body confident happy clear and truly living her best life, out of head into her body, so she could finally focus on her true passions with excitement and energy 

She realized she DID have a choice, and it’s her body to decide what will happen to it!

Camilla signed up to our 6 month bespoke Reset program, and what happened …

After 4 weeks she had already dropped 1 stone, she shed 3 dress sizes 16 to size 10, bought a new dress and loved wearing it, she felt so good, even sexy 😉 all here pain went, she finally could leave the house and wake in the morning without worry and anxiety, she stopped going to the doctor all together, and reclaimed her health sovereignty and started fully living and loving her life again with her precious son

She said it was the best decision she ever made! for herself, to get the guidance she so needed at that point in her life to feel safe and well, and live happy and free

Together we addressed her nutrition transition, a detox protocol to fit her lifestyle, herbal formulas to support cellular healing to regenerate and build the body, some fitness/toning/sexy body sculpt, self-love and much more

Camilla is now medication free, no symptoms and lost the 3 stone she desired via this proven approach, and living her best life 🙂

And this is why we call it The Body Awakening Reset method, 

It’s a total body mind soul reset and coming home to inner-peace freedom and joy

Happy healthy & free is your truth!

Applications open till Sunday midnight! 

Apply for your complimentary Body Breakthrough call here today 

Talk soon lovely!

Much love 

Arianna ❤️