I studied for years in nutrition education, I tripped myself up, thinking it was the way, I started to question everything

…following what I thought I needed to do, to be qualified, a professional, I learned that that was one way, but was it true?!

which lead me to then doing another personal 6 years of pioneering research IN my physical body 

I stopped listening to all the claims nutrition rules science education, that clearly wasn’t showing results, as I witnessed so much dis-ease in my own body and on our planet…

It was part of my journey to realizing


I lived it breathed it did it in me

and did it differently 

THEN I would never really know what is truth

education taught me a lot of nonsense, it also showed me my truth to follow my heart of knowing, there’s MORE, my intuition guided me home

…the synthetic supplementation

…the fad diets 

…the amount of water to drink

…the salt 

…the superfoods

…the fruit sugar 

…the ‘oh some women need more carbs due to hormonal stuff’ nonsense

…the rules of how much macro/micronutrients we need to be healthy

— what did it all really mean in this body?

So when I took it into my own sovereign hands

I devoted myself to this path

I did what most don’t

I got naked with myself from within

I stripped back the layers 

I faced my deepest darkest fears emotions sabotages challenges cravings food addictions (many unconscious)

I did what everyone said NOT to do 

…and I stood certain in my inner knowing.

…and I fucking flew beyond health!

I remembered true health self-love true connection (that starts with you) peace freedom.

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Arianna Health Goddess❤️