Back when I was living in Cornwall 12 years ago studying art and creative design at Falmouth university I was in a very unhealthy stimulant fueled relationship and lifestyle

Food was my daily go to my escape my comfort my support my protection, I was 2 stone over my ideal weight, deeply unhappy within, but I rarely showed it,
I just got on with things

I remember craving the bread the salt the caffeine the meat the sugar the fat,
fish and chips Indian takeaway pizza cakes were all very regular habits,

if only I knew then what I know now

I was craving because I had emotional imbalances, parasites mucus and an acidic body
using the food and the weight to protect myself
I wasn’t addressing my inner world and using food to suppress my feelings

If only I knew what I know now about cellular healing plant foods especially FRUITS and all the happy liberation that awakens here

that the physical toxins in my body from partying for years from eating whatever I wanted, being in environments that didn’t serve me-had filled me with toxic overload

if I had known all this back then
well I wouldn’t have had the journey to where I am now, which has been a gift to reveal my truth, I am so #grateful,
it’s now my life’s purpose to serve you to your freedom

If I had known though,
I would have saved myself over 10 years, and would have connected to my purpose passion creativity truth of blissful wellbeing, health and happiness so much sooner and easier

You don’t have to wait any longer
only you can give yourself permission
to let go and be free,

we are all here for liberation for ease and for happiness and creation in this body

We can heal it all through lifestyle,
this has been proven through epigenetic’s,
we are not our genes
your genes are not your destiny
you have the power to change all this

When I shed my excess weight it was like releasing a layer of protection that wasn’t protecting me it was holding me back from shining my light from living my dreams from loving my body and feeling my true self and connecting with others authentically, and being honest with life

when I started feeling
I started healing
(Affirm) I am safe to be my true self

when I started eating plant foods
lots of raw lots of fruits alkaline veggies

when I started looking inside myself
I started to unlock the imbalances

through cellular detox and plant foods
my whole body has healed
life has transformed
because I have transformed
at cell level

here we rebuild our body and life
we are made of over 50 trillion + cells
that when cleaned

create our abundant healthy life
of Body freedom and bliss!

Freedom is your birthright!


Arianna x

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