Quotation by Arianna Aunon

We all emotionally eat/drink on some level, whether conscious or unconscious, it takes honesty to catch it … and move beyond the addictions and habits to true freedom

Emotions are chemistry, so if you want to transform your emotions you have to focus on transforming the chemistry (pH) of your body 

Emotions impact body weight in a big way, stuck stagnant emotions, suppressed feelings, not speaking up, holding onto the past,

…this can all show up as extra weight, old e-motions are old energy, this turns to toxicity and builds fat in the body, and you feel weighed down by the past

It’s time to let it go, and RESET now. 

When nutrition is set true to support your whole body-mind emotions soul included, you will see your emotional health and weight shift pretty quick 

…be open to change, be open to letting the old go now 

What do I mean by this? let me clarify for you …

  • body needs to be more alkaline than acid (heal here)
  • food combining is really important (balance to health)
  • healing the gut essential (reclaim lightness & ease)
  • clearing toxic waste from detox organs (freedom)
  • get kidneys filtering (release that free worry stress)
  • move lymphatic waste out of the body (energy boost)

All this shifts your emotions (how energy moves through your body) so essentially how you feel your emotions will change

it’ll get easier, calmer peaceful balanced, more responsive than reacting to life and others, you’ll start to feel more centered grounded clear embodied, and relaxed in you, at peace with yourself, liberated 

True freedom starts with healthy emotions, which come from a clean pure body at a cellular level — using whole plant foods mucus free-lean-alkaline approach 

(our programs cover this fully for you if you want the easier route and guidance)

this journey has given me back my life, from chronic ill-health huge dis-ease existing, to fully alive living on purpose in love with life and all

living from a peaceful place within relaxed grounded is everything to truly experience this beautiful life and each other, to live fully into your sacred purpose 

What are your emotions saying today?❤️

PS: You can overcome anything, You can heal anything, but the toxicity within has to be addressed, then true freedom awakens, it’s so exciting! Are you excited about your becoming? for a New Beginning? to feel alive healthy clear clean truly relaxed in your being? …cause ALL of this is real. You gotta say YES to you though.