the emptiness is something I have allowed myself to be in weekly, and have done for over a year, when doing my weekly long dry fast

So afraid for so long of the emptiness,
always filling the void with
food drama distractions excuses noise

Now it’s my biggest blessing and a sacred healing process that has allowed me to let go of so much, so many attachments patterns habits emotional eating

Dry fasting has taught me so much
over the last near 2 years,
that it’s safe to feel that emptiness,
that it’s good to feel that emptiness,
that it’s the emptiness that opens us up to the entire universe, to infinite possibility

Dry fasting activates our light body,
and allows us to expand our energy

It’s a total reset physically mentally and spiritually

It allows you to feel everything,
something I ran from for so long,
and only dug myself a deeper hole,
then I had to dig myself out,
instead of feeling the safety support and being present with what I was feeling

Dry fasting holds so much power to reconnect us to our body our light
our sovereignty our bliss our freedom
our peace, and ‘burn’ karmic processes

“Fasting is the first principle of medicine; Fast and see the strength of the sprit reveal itself” ~ rumi

It’s the process that can clear dead stagnant water out of the body,
as it allows old cells to be breakdown and be flushed out, no other process can do this

Tonight I will go into a long dry fast for 36hrs no food no liquid
just breath nature purpose voice and dance,

Long Dry fasting allows you to see that food is not our fuel, the release of toxicity is our fuel, food is simply a catalyst to our deeper evolution and awakening of our light body when used correctly,
still delicious and a pleasure

Here we get to heal all our symptoms physically, and totally reset the emotional body to a blissful state of healing

Here we drop back into the rhythms of our sacred earth and we allow Mother Nature to be our operating table

So tonight I will prepare my body with pure organic red grape juice mixed with fresh lemon juice, to support my kidneys and lymphatic system, enemas are involved, hydrating through fruits veggies and fruit juice and always breaking any fast with the highest vibration of food which is high water content fruit juice and fruits

What you break your fast with is what will re-build your body,
what will build new cells, new life, your life
we want this to be of the highest frequency

From here we create
vibrant health
and optimal wellbeing

this is available to you right now

when we give deep attention to our body and life

To your body freedom x

Arianna x