So I did, I invested 5 figures into me and my business (I didn’t just have this money sitting in my bank account waiting for me to invest it, but I still took the action and made it happen)

this taught me to trust life, trust myself, follow my guidance,
if you don’t trust life
then it won’t trust you,
and nothing shows up

when there’s will, trust and ‘I must’,
theres away,

I invested into Katharine & James Pioneers program,
although I didn’t know why I had to do this, I just knew I had to 😅

One of the best decisions of my life

Why? because it was here on our mastermind retreat days that I got asked this question by the amazing James Lavers!

“If you could create anything what would it be, what feels sooooo good”

and here The Body Awakening Ibiza was birthed, I’d actually written out pages of what I envisioned for this program 2 years ago, and here I got real with myself and honored by dreams in a big way,

🔥Recently approached by British Vogue to feature The Body Awakening Ibiza in their luxury retreat collection in the biggest issue of the year !September!

🔥Featured online with White-Ibiza luxury lifestyle Ibiza

🔥Getting constant enquiries and people saying- ‘I know I have to be there’ ‘Ibiza is calling me’ ‘It sounds perfect for me’

AND this …If you know Ibiza,
well Es Vedra spoke to me at the last @thebodyawakeningibiza, I actually asked this 3rd most magnetic spot in the world a question, it replied ‘this is your destiny Arianna’ 💎(I’m highly Clairaudient)

even though everyone thought I was crazy,
if I’d listen to their fears, I would still be thinking about it
I took the risk, followed my intuition and let my heart guide me …
My destiny
My dharma
My dream
To birthing my Abundant Baby 🌈🌈🌈

If you can fast track to living your dreams, whether it’s your body health dreams
or your business to show up in a bigger way,
Why wouldn’t you?

I send huge love and gratitude to Kat & James for your creation, that allowed me to align, awaken and fully birth my dream as I took action and trusted the whole way ❤️I love you!!

there’s so much power in coming together,
let’s co-create our wildest dreams