For a long time I thought I was choosing health, to find out I had only been choosing about an 1/8 of it

I have many women come to me saying I eat well I’m pretty healthy, but I’m 1-3 stone over my ideal weight feel pretty sluggishness my heads a bit foggy and I do crave here and there, but I feel Ok

this is what I’m talking about,
we try to make out everything is ok
when it’s really NOT Ok-
and this is ok too,

It’s Ok not to feel your best, to be over weight tired foggy craving foods, because you’re being honest, and from here you get to flip that switch and change direction
and choose
not struggle
any longer

What isn’t Ok
is lying to yourself
making out everything’s ok
when you know it’s not,
Other people saying oh you look fine,
but you feel like shit,
and stressed out inside

So here’s where we all get to choose,
we get to choose to struggle and let the body get sicker
Or we stand on our own two feet
put that red lippy on
And say …”hang on a minute”

Repeat after me …
“I deserve to feel amazing”
“I deserve to feel my best”
“I deserve to invest in my health”
“I deserve to be the best version of me”
“And I’ll do whatever it takes!”

Because …
“I am worthy”
“I am valuable”
“I am important”
“I am enough”
“I am needed in this world at my highest vibration, so it’s time to do something about it”

Ok, this is more like it love, yes yes yes, THIS is what you are here for,

Next level
full of life
highest vibrational living in a body you love and feel so confidence and at peace in THIS

is YOUR birthright
This women
Is waiting for you right now to step into
on your next timeline

Ready to upgrade to the next level you?
Comment below 💃🏻I AM💃🏻and be witnessed and let your journey begin!

Love you!

Arianna x

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