In the last 10 months I’ve drank no green no coffee had minuscule amounts of alcohol and cacao, and nearly zero oil spice and salt, why did I put myself through this 😅,

it actually hasn’t been anywhere near as hard as I was telling myself it was going to be –

and why I pot it off and put it off for so long!

Oh it’s just a slice of pizza or a whole pizza in my world,
oh it’s just a coffee or an almond croissant or a bar of the best raw cacao,

As someone who was totally addicted to all of this, it’s blown my mind how we can actually really eliminate all this and not crave it💃💃💃🦄

Along the journey I had some insane cravings for cheese pizza bread oh so much bread peanut butter, I even craved sausages 😱which I haven’t eaten in 5 years, I managed to resist it all ✌🏻we can do it!

its just imprints leaving our cellular memory for release,
if we don’t feed it it also means whatever was feeding off that salty fatty toxic food, is also going to die and release 🐛 as the human body never wants salt or heavy fat or anything pus or mucus filled,

so we know its something else craving this – its not you!

I wanted to see what living 97% free from stimulants would do to me my body and my eating habits, and how I would feel

I received miracle upon miracle upon magic from this inquiry and experimentation, firstly we can live without stimulants number one, it is possible to really eliminate all cravings, we are all capable of feeling free around food and not trapped!

Even though yes I had lots of cravings, it has been so worth the journey, and I got huge clarity and downloads to why so many diets aren’t working for so many …

I was hooked up until 1.5 year ago, and yes I did heal a lot, but it wasn’t true healing or health I was experiencing,

I was experiencing suppression, the stimulants had put my body into a resistant state, so it couldn’t fully uptake the vital food medicine effects and heal at root level,

Only when I started to eliminate these deep cellular imprints did I see my desire off all stimulants disappear and feel so free around food

Stimulation is not something our body can deal with, I saw my body and life crash for so long, in all areas especially my relationship with myself and others and everything to be honest, it sucked the joy right out of my heart, yet we use it to lift us up???

AND oh my! what has been shifting since stimulants have been eliminated out of my life …

🤩a deep focus like never before, so much creativity (yep coffee is a lie, sorry to burst that bubble, it’s a trap!)
🧠a deep presence
🙏a deep awareness
💃a vibrant energy supply
🥰an inner joy and peace
🦋a freedom and surrender around food and an even deeper peace in my body (the attachment and control of food has gone)

Arianna x

PS. If you want to also heal these toxic food attachments and see your life transform to a deep peace and ease in your body, follow me here for more, or if you’re ready for support with healing this private message and let me know what’s going on for you x