over the last few months I’ve been shedding a lot of hair, yes I have freaked out at moments, but I always come back to, she knows what’s she’s doing,
my body knows

I trust my body #alwaystrusther

I would not have felt this in the past when I was eating very acidic foods, and living a stressed out life, but now I know I’m putting the right stuff in to support her, my hair loss is a clear sign of detoxification, it’ll stop soon, but she needs to release now, just like the leaves on the trees #detox

I know it’s shedding old waste gases through my hair follicles, like we release gas from other areas of our body, we also release toxic gases from our hair, this is also why we go grey #greyhair

The more we clean the body
the more sweet our body hair and skin will look feel and smell, no perfume needed,
you will be your own sweet essence! #skincare

I’ve also been experiencing some bloating over the last week, I was tuning into my body, and got that something was moving on out!! and so it did today!!

a totally unexpected we’ll kind of expected, but not as big as it was, huge parasite, yes I released another this morning (if you’ve been following me this year you will have seen my parasite journey, it’s been powerfully awakening and deeply healing, a changed woman!) #upgrading #mucusfree #selflove

the noises in my gut yesterday were wild,
I knew something big was dying off and on it’s way out,
another way I knew this was happen,
is because I started craving cheese pizza bread chocolate, I felt ravenous,

I could feel it wasn’t true hunger, it was something else wanting to be feed on its favourite foods, instead I starved it through a 35hr #dryfast

Dry fasting and fruit fasting has been the most successful way to clear parasites out of my body, way more powerful than any parasite herbs I’ve taken which have never removed the parasite from my body,
they must be in combination with dry fasting and fruit fasting,

of course the high quality cellular herbs are super healing and helpful to kill off the eggs and give added support!

The more we reclaim our power
The more we witness our unconscious habits that are giving our sacred power self-worth and self-love away
The more we clean the body
The more we heal
The more we thrive
The more you only desire pure foods
The more unhealthy habits disappear
The more you feel energised clear light liberated and relaxed
The more you get to live in real bliss in a body you feel at total peace with

most people are out feeding these conscious microbes daily, unconsciously, everyone has them
I was one of them for years!!!!
feeding them their favourite foods-
sugar fats animal proteins breads pastries oils cheese stodgy heavy damp toxic sweet salty mucus foods

We can choose
to heal the body
clean it
and get them out
it feels sooooo good

Parasites link to so many dis-eases and health imbalances, #gut #hypothyroidism #weight #energy #autoimmune #pain #skin #hair #cancer

they’re constantly releasing toxins into the body whilst they’re inside us,

The cleaner our body
the more they can’t use you as host feeding of your nutrition,

what I released today in my enema was feeding off my blood supply!!! oxygen !!!

💌Saturday I only ate fruit and a small chai seed coconut fruit pudding, so delicious, and about 15 dates, lemon enema, then dark organic grape juice and lemon and other fresh juices

💌I spent Sunday relaxing walking and grounding barefoot in #nature on the beach for 2hrs absorbing the sunshine medicine and the healing ions from the ocean (*so activating for the endocrine glands and our energy centres!)

💌I did some deep release cording dissolving and power reclaiming work specific to my own journey

💌Currently using some next level internal peppermint oil (way beyond any other essential oil I’ve tried, I got it in Peru, and it has a sacred Egyptian connection!)

When the body is so deeply cleaned
it activates more of our light body parasites hold a much lower vibration
with a feeding off energy, they can’t handle the power of the light

the more we
at cellular level
the more light emanates out of our cells
as the body returns home to its natural state of vibrant thriving alive healthy

If you’re experiencing symptoms and you’re not getting any answers,
or what you’ve been doing hasn’t given you the results you know deep down you can have, and want,

If you’re ready to heal and have expert support, send me a PM and let me know a bit about what’s going on for,


Arianna x