I took an intentional and conscious weekend off social media, I knew something huge was about to drop in,
and it did.

I had a very powerful visit from Goddess👸🏻Isis Friday night, the Goddess of life and magic, protector of women and children, and healer of the sick.

At 3am Saturday morning I woke up to connect with a powerful group of priestess’s in Bali online, where together we activated new plasma light codes, #sobeautiufullypowerful🌏

After 2hrs+ of activating, we finished up at 5.15am, I tried to go back to sleep but there was something coming through me,

I had also just finished a cleanse on the Friday, and released a lot of liver gallbladder and kidney stones, and other toxins, so my channels were even clearer, and wide open to receive …

… the mission,
so no sleep, I was guided to sit on the floor and meditate, I went deep super quick, and within 10 minutes I was downloading source onto paper,

I was given a clear process, the visible code, and the activation steps for the activation of the Divine Mother Codes of Sovereignty to be activated in women and children, as this was under Isis, first women and children, brothers I will keep you informed if it comes through to share it with you too🌹

this is interwoven with the rose lineage of Mary Magdalen and the sun tribe of Egypt, I will go into all this during our sacred gathering,

I’ve been told the codes are only fully activated when we come together, it’s no longer about separation or just me, it’s about union and coming together to #letsrisesisters

How divinely timed,
as what is unfolding on our planet is all about, the remembering of our sacred mother sovereignty …

Ive been guided to hold an online activation ceremony for women and children to come together on the New Moon🌑🌙Gemini 22nd May #moonchild, at 11am UK (please check your timezone)
we’ll gather via zoom.

Sacred Activation Details Here –…/

…this feels so potent, and a whole over level to the sacred work I’m here to share with you, I am the channel, and source and the goddess’s are guiding us…

Super excited to see you!❤️

Love & Light
Rise Sister!!🌹

Arianna xxx

#newmoon #activation #divinefeminine #newearth #lightcodes #sovereignself

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