Yesterday my mums brother decided to vomit his ego down the phone to me;
“I don’t know what kind of business you’re running but it’s definitely not a business I’m interested in!” …and more…

he obviously has no idea what I do then …

🌿a business that is helping women worldwide to heal from symptoms that could take decades off their sacred life

🌿a business that is true speaking (…I know many can’t handle truth speaking, this isn’t my problem, I’m not here to please everyone)

🌿a business that is supporting women and children to avoid life-threatening surgery

🌿a business that is reuniting women with their true-self their confidence their happiness LIFE

🌿a business that is helping women heal from what modern medicine say is incurable, 100% naturally!

🌿a business that is giving back to our precious planet by raising consciousness around what nutrition really means

🌿a business that is all about humanity feeling their best and living free


All because I wrote a post 1.5 years ago about how dairy contributes to the cause of cancer

Oh, but hang on, so his business is fine;

– a business that slaughters animals to be eaten by a specie that doesn’t even need meat to survive, or dairy, and is a huge part to the cause of global dis-ease

many don’t know this, and haven’t been educated at how eating meat dairy eggs butter causes ill-health and many problems
in the human body, I was once here too,

easily resolved by eating what we are designed to eat alkalizing Plants🌿🌿🌿

it’s been proven over and over and over, and exactly why I stopped eating all the acid over 4/5 years ago, and the difference I experienced has been powerfully life changing and life saving on so many levels!

If this triggers you, ask yourself why?

I very calmly said I’m not hear to please everyone and hung up,

Reaction takes us out of alignment

Response keeps us aligned

Holds power
Many are afraid of

I believe in speaking and living in integrity to my values and what I teach and share with the world

Speak your truth
lead by example
never hold back your light

A xx

#truthspeaking #plantpower #bodyawakening

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