It’s not wrong or bad to feel empty,
as a kid I remember it constantly being about meal time, eating, maybe I wasn’t hungry, but I ate anyway, parents said so, otherwise no food

From a young age I filled my emptiness unconsciously and then filled it because it felt so uncomfortable to feel space within, like I was dying inside, a part of me was, I now know I had to keep letting go to be-come who I am today

It’s now in the fasting, plant eating, alkalising and cellular cleansing that I’ve come home to remembering truth in this body, the limitlessness of love to be-come so confident healthy vital and radiant – to heal is truth

You and I never came here to stay stuck in the same identity, you came to transmute and transform so much, change is a natural part of life, you can make it easier, let go of the stories

dive through that illusion Beauty,
you get to be re-born over and over,
the body will heal it, say yes to you!

the plant seed … to get from a seed to a plant it has to totally let go of its seed identity to transform into a flower 🌸

this taught me so much, to feel the beauty vibrancy radiance excitement of change to transform and re-new

uncomfortable yep, growing is,
why so many avoid it, it means responsibility for Self, it’s freedom, it’s safe, I’m with you Sister!

It’s the work within that transforms you, meeting the path you dream in your heart, external searching has nothing much, go within, feel the freedom, reveal refresh play boldly

Ready for Self-liberation? to start fully living in your sacred sensual body Beauty, ready for truth, ready to allow accept embrace and open to YOU?

Petals of love to you🌸Arianna