I had a session with one of my coach’s the other day, it was uncomfortable, but I chose to get uncomfortable to move through what I needed to too have the breakthrough I wanted, I now find facing my shut exciting, because it LIBERATES us higher! #growthmindset

Sometimes I get so nervous to share my true voice out into the world, as I’ve always felt too much, too boom, too expressive, but I never let it stop me, I suppressed myself with food and stimulants for too long, acceptance is freedom to Be You, is the magic!

80% of women down both lines mum and dad had suppressed thyroid glands, blocked throat chakras, imbalanced hormones, weight gain, self-hate …

.it’s one of our main centres of power, your voice, to be heard, safe to express you, all of you as you, whole.

no more persecution or being burnt at the stalk, it’s over High Priestess, let’s move on and experience a new experience here in this feminine body. feel this.

I’m by your side. You’ve got this. I believe in you. 

Something I found in my inquiry: thyroid throat chakra voice standing in your power hormone health body vitality weight energy clarity toxicity and parasites, it’s all connected,

…the call is to purify🦋 here we find justice in this body temple of liberation and love💓

my coach called me a Badass, it’s the cancer mama protector, oh and the shamanic wisdom in me, also deeply gentle, compassionate and caring. I know what I write here can be triggering, and I don’t write it to trigger you, I write it because I care. I’m not one to tiptoe around the heart of the matter, 

because YOU MATTER!!!

I lead from love. I lead from truth. I lead from soul. 

I realized over years of working on myself internally, that pleasing myself is way more important than pleasing another, and saw how I had been accepting abuse through pleasing mainly my family and boyfriends

I’m not one to share my whole self that often, yet I share some very deep personal stuff here my Body Awakening Blog, because I know we need to hear it, if we leave this stuff unnoticed it runs the show, what’s possible for one is for another,

…this conversation is SO important. I SEE you.

since going to my own depths and facing it all, I know what joy is now and I can feel joy everyday in this body, peace love respect, so can you … follow that Heart KNOWING guiding you home. 

I share it with compassion in my heart love in my cells and beauty at my fingertips, holding this space, for all to see, these pleasing patterns can run your life if you’re not aware of them, mine ran me for decades 

What got me out of this, was certain steps within The Body Awakening RESET method that allowed me to clear the way within, to actually see the truth of what’s playing out and keeping me trapped in SELF-abusive cycles 

I came home to self-love self-respect and honoring myself and my body, if you’re ready for the next step reach out here.

And, let me just address the word ‘abuse’, I use too think that abuse is only physical from another, absolutely not,

…abuse can be putting others needs before yours, using food to suppress escape life, to not face what’s really going on, struggling when you don’t have too, not getting support when you know you need it

You get to be helped by another, if you want?

You get to live in pleasure, why wouldn’t you? 

You get to overcome it all, cause you CAN!

I feel the need to share depth, cause I discovered on my own journey we don’t get far living at surface level, we have to dive deep like the courageous mermaid🧜🏻‍♀️

Are you a mermaid like me? Mermaid sisters☺️

Do crave deep transformation?

Is it a must to embody your Best Self as a leader of love and light on our planet? 

Make way for liberation!

Love you!