Imbolc and the power of 2/2/22 calls us to purify, clear the way and nourish. I’m currently on a long fruit fast, feeling the beauty of these plants working through this body temple to restore full health on all levels, to clear what no longer serves and to awaken even more purpose truth freedom vibrancy in this feminine body

Living true to Self is now.

this is a salad 🥗 I love to make and devour; 

lettuce baby plum tomatoes cucumber steamed broccoli and purple sweet potato, root ginger pure tahini mixed with lemon juice and fresh spirulina, all organic ingredients

a great dish to have during transitioning out of a fast, it’s so essential we use foods that support rebuild alkalize balance heal and regenerate the body after any kind of fast detox cleanse, the before and after is as important as the purification journey to truly receive the change you desire and can absolutely have in your body, it’s a process to getting that lasting weight loss which has taken me a decade to master, I can show you too love, I would love to make it easier for you!

what we eat, is what makes creates builds our body consciousness reality, as you remember your power to know you can heal your body, you can get that lasting weight loss you want, you can live your dreams, you can feel sexy when naked alone, and with another, you can feel confident in your beautiful dress, at that photoshoot, on stage, and fully love be embody the QUEEN Goddess you are

Now is the time to harness this knowing, this remembrance, and let go of the what if’s, past, struggle alone, pushing away support, we are not here to do anything alone, that’s been a deep programme of separation that IS Now crumbling

you get to be feel know you are fully supported, you are worthy of it and you deserve it, and investing in your health your well-being your LIFE, is freedom

you are precious, you are the priority now, it’s your time, NOW my love

Choose it for YOU, for your dreams, for your tribe, for your planet, for your loved ones, for the animals 



the focus on HEALTH, brings truth to your sacred light, your truth, that you get to SHINE oh so fucking bright baby, and that light, allows others to shine there’s, this is why we are here, let’s Arise together as one and live Heaven on Earth

Say it with me love…

I am so grateful for this life

I am so grateful I get to choose where I focus my energy

I am so grateful for my body 

I am so grateful I get to heal fully and rise 

…and I breathe love into my body everyday. 

COMMENT BELOW, what if you made your health top priority today, what would be different? what inspired action would you take? 

breath listen be still ground🌳

I love you!


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