My freedom I found within👙

This body of yours holds the key to it ALL🗝

To let go into your soul your heart and listen

To cherish her sweet voice of mercy

I drugged myself with chemicals

I poisoned myself with vaccines

I drowned myself in alcohol

I numbed myself with stimulating foods

I spoke to you so disrespectfully 

I shamed your sacredness 



I cleaned those chemicals out

I repaired the damage with natures medicine

I mopped up the residues of addiction and lay bare my body to reset rejuvenate and rise 

I cleared the acid and alchemised to alkaline

I washed my mouth out and remembered 


who I AM, sacred 


And so, this body transformed, not because I’m

lucky or different, but because I didn’t give up, 

because I didn’t stop until I embodied 


my BLISS,  And so IT IS.


And here’s why I created The Body Awakening R & I Program, only did I transform overcome embody anchor ground and set myself free, when I got to the root, set a foundation, addressed the core of dis-ease

It’s a journey into health and spirituality as one, this is where we truly get to rejuvenate and illuminate and bless this Earth with our presence, it’s always been you beloved🌹May we journey home to the exquisite light 

and unimaginable beauty of your soul🌹MM

Full Rejuvenation, Full Illumination, For women like you who truly want to anchor in vibrant embodied joy, clarity, focus, health and live her potential here on Earth, we have to go WITHIN Goddess! 

otherwise we go without!

whatever it is – we can heal it, 

when we address the ROOT – 

we can heal anything


I’ve seen it, if you haven’t, 

use me as your proof, 

we can do it – 🥁🥁🥁Beauty!


👙🌹The Body Awakening Rejuvenate & Illuminate🌹👙

Have me by your side 1on1 

3 or 6 month container 

Totally bespoke to your individual health vision 

All you need to totally transform and anchor lasting results, we cover it all lovely.


Overcome and Transform …

👙Blast through old eating habits cravings fears and addictions

👙Embody boundless energy and health certainty

👙Easily lose the excess weight that’s weighing you down

👙Feel balanced stable and emotionally free

👙Live as your vibrant aligned self, radiate freedom 


Where we go together … (and much more!!!)

🍑Nutritional transition & foundation

To support all organs & glands for optimal well-healthy living and freedom 

🌿Cleanse like a Goddess protocol 

Detox rebuild & nourish 

👗Cellular certainty herbal rejuvenation 

Ground your truth and feel alive

🕉Awakened healthy living installed easily 

Come home to the true You and radiate light.


Embody vibrant potential … come home …

🌷Embody your true-self and potential 

🌷Feel your beauty shine through, glow in your skin!

🌷Experience a life where there is more fun joy and laughter and less fear pain and anxiety, embrace YOU!

🌷Feel true love for yourself again

🌷Learn to trust yourself, and your intuition


Ready to breakthrough and embody your vibrant aligned potential with nothing holding you back?


💌Book a free Body Breakthrough call and read more via link in bio💌 or private message me today💕