I answered the call, I took myself away for a long weekend, self-care self-love, the ocean, off social media off business, just to Be With my-Self

Saturday morning I spent an hour in this capsule of pure o2, then again Sunday and stood in my bikini in a room at -110 degrees, yes minus! as you do😋❄️ love new experiences, to inspire to grow, do you?

the slowing down is everything, here we always here that sweet inner voice of guidance💫and newness, so important to expand horizons, breakout of same old patterns habits, to new vibrant vistas of healthiness🌿

…to then return home to a dead dragonfly spirit on my pillow; she symbolises change, death, rebirth, new beginnings (New🌑Moon) self-realization, self-actualization, to love life, to rejoice and remember inner faith … I just left her there, we’ve been sleeping together☺️

Let the old die.

Let the new be birthed.

What’s your self-love self-care today? 

Are You Ready to answer that true Self calling you home to peace, love, rapturous beauty in this body?

rapturous love to you!

Arianna x