“I’d tried what I thought was everything to remove tiredness, aching joints and brain fog
I was at a crossroads, not knowing what was really right for me for my next stage of life,
I was finding it hard to be decisive about anything
I wanted to be more authentic but didn’t know how
I wanted to feel me … the real crazy fun feminine me that I remember from a long time ago”

these are Nikki’s words before she started the Body Awakening Accelerator group program,

We focus on cellular nutrition, energy alignment, gentle detox and the feminine, so your body gets exactly what it needs to get the results your desire.

“I’ve definitely made a great leap in progress” – Nikki says,
“I have so much more energy, I’ve lost weight (this happened effortlessly), a huge boost in brain clarity,
I’m feeling and trusting more, and over the first half of the program I nearly shed all my cravings for sweet unhealthy food choices

I feel like I’ve finally been able to step out of my own way”

Nikki also says – “with the guidance everything became easier, a sense of freedom is unfolding”

Body Awakening Accelerator reopens next week, we start 1st July,
Limited Space.


a 10 week journey to body bliss, alive in your feminine, centred in your body, a return to you, a belonging, safe and nourishing, a calm mind, and a vibrant YOU

If you’re interested comment below or reach out to me privately 💕👗

PS. We’re going live together tomorrow Thursday 27th at 12noon UK time at Arianna Aunon, Nikki will be sharing her journey before and after and how she made it happen😘