Eating fruits and veggies.

Understanding this body is a freedom ticket 

What I see keep so many spinning, not taking action, procrastinating, making excuses

Is they think it’s just about eating more fruits and veggies, or just cutting out animal products, that’s just one part

Truth is, it’s way beyond that, and why so many aren’t seeing the long term results they want and CAN have 

…because you can’t see your organs, the system within you, the TRUE system that runs everything, it’s forgotten overlooked ignored 

It took me a near 2 decade journey of tapping into this body, going through hell in this body, to start to access deeper levels of it, the truth in it

It wasn’t until I addressed the mucus that everyone has inside some more/less than others, more weight more mucus 

It wasn’t until I got real with the parasites, stopped looking the other way, telling myself I was fine when I was feeling awful inside, making it normal

It wasn’t until I started to release the trauma in my body that had been running me, and causing me to sabotage my entire life (TBA Reset method address’s it all, weight toxicity medication & trauma healing, it’s all connected, I had it all-I healed it all)

It wasn’t until I got liver kidney stones out of me that I was able to move beyond the stagnation (stuck stagnant energy holding so many in the past)

Your body holds everything, lifetimes, all memory is stored in the water you are made 70% of, chemicals medication patterns habits addictions unconscious programming

You shift your reality by shifting your inner world through removing the toxic crap from your cells!

spun in circles for decades

tried everything

mean everything it felt like

I have always been an all-in-woman, see what more I can unravel to find out more about who I really am

I lived in a body full of toxic waste for so long, it became normal, until I decided to do something about it, enough pretending, enough surface level

I chose to go deeper🧜🏻‍♀️

It is here you will find what you are looking for, all that seeking ends, finally you rest in the peace of your soul, wise wild and free, in the knowing, you are FREE🌹