This has been a very alive topic with a few different clients, where we discussed food, concepts, detoxification and the relationship you have with your body, and some really key points came up;

💎limitation helps focus in
💎when you start putting in foods the body is designed for, and then foods it’s not, it tells you very quickly
💎getting clear on concepts that are truth to move forward
💎you are in relationship with your body,

how’s it going love?

🌿Limitation doesn’t mean your limited, instead it shows you away where food becomes focused easy deeply satisfying even peaceful

🌿The body will very quickly tell you when it’s not happy, it’s your body reacting to acidic foods the toxicity that it’s not designed for

🌿Clear concepts is what I believe in, a clear path to truth and healing

🌿You’re in a relationship with everything, and building a healthy and loving relationship with the body is a huge part of healing

Self-love is self-respect
is to give the body what it requires to do it’s own job and heal itSelf 💌

…to be lost in medication, vaccinations, surgery fearing life, this is not anyone’s truth!
…to have faith in your body, in eating correctly, in what is possible for you right now

Conformed to believe that by only eating minimal food groups, will not suffice the bodies needs, this is one of the biggest mistruths out there

the Body needs little to truly heal and survive, WHEN it’s clear of waste, when obstruction has been removed at a cellular level – here you heal –

BUT for as long as waste sits deep in the body, it will cause you to crave, want, feel like you need stimulating foods like meat, caffeine, chocolate, spices, eggs

USE foods to cleanse and eliminate and you will see feel know what is your truth, very quickly 💜

How do you shift from this place of feeling limited to feel liberated?

🌀You can decide to see it from a new perspective that is empowering you to live vibrantly and out of the box, it’s a mindset shift
🌀You can choose to feel liberated by making food simple and beautiful and let go of it having to be hard! (…it’s so far from hard when done in alignment with your body and our natural rhythms)
🌀You have a choice to make it about limitation or liberation?

Here’s another perspective that helped me on my journey;
what if limitation was eating foods that you’re told you need but actually don’t and that’s limiting you from living liberated in your body,
stopping you from releasing the excess weight, feeling deeply peaceful, having boundless energy, getting clear and feeling centered and present in your body?

things aren’t black and white
they are multicolored
this is who we are 🌈

this perspective allowed me to move away from want was keeping me trapped for decades, and into a totally new place of seeing my food as the cleansers and eliminators of my internal system,
food that keep me clean, cleansed, light and free, food that gets to the core of healing

Loving💕reminder: Food is a gift, and it’s here to support you, love you, free you and guide you. Allow the change.
See your freedom unfold.

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