Arianna Aunon

Award-Winning Specialist

The Body Awakening RESET Method

Womens Health Coach & Hormone Specialist

Master Nutritionist & Detox teacher.

Get the key, Get the secret, to another way!

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“Thanks Arianna for being courageous enough to stand out from the crowd and to offer something powerfully different in a sea of confusion and frustration that is the food industry. I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey leads next”

Wendy, P. Dubai.

Entrepreneur, Writer, Change Specialist, Mama

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Embody your true-self and be truthful to yourself , Feel feminine and see your beauty shine through and feel attractive in your Glowing skin! Experience a life where there is more fun and laughter and less fear and anxiety. Feel love for yourself again, learn to trust yourself and your inuition on your way forward in life, Feel more and think less!

Nutrition Expert
weight loss
women's health specialist

‘Whatever is going on for you,

I Promise You,

It’s Healable, and I’m With You,

Every Step of the way’ 

~ AriannaAunon

Arianna Aunon


Womens Health Specialist

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Arianna is the founder of, creatrix of The Body Awakening “WAY” Method and bespoke programs, Author of The Body Awakening and space holder at The Body Awakening Ibiza retreats.

Arianna know’s how you feel and where you are at inside, because she was also there too … the thyroid issues! that you didnt even know was running your life, the weight gain, brain fog, anxiety, frustration, sugar cravings, body pain, stress, body shame, emotional eating … and this is eaxctly what Arianna can help you heal, naturally.

After a near two decades of diving deep, Arianna found out something so precious for us, that there is a way through this, and it can be simple, it can be easier, it can be sustainable, it can last, it can feel nourishing gentle joyful, it can feel so good in this divine body temple, our true home.

Arianna has been awarded Best Women’s Health Specialist UK 2 years running, and has been featured in British Vogue, White-Ibiza Luxury lifestyle, OM Yoga Show London, and on Aldo Zilli’s celebrity chef radio show London.

Arianna specialise’s in working with women who are suffering from hormonal imbalances; such as thyroid issues, weight gain, exhaustion, brain fog, bloating and food cravings, and female leaders who want to take their body frequency to a whole next level-to take their business relationships and life to the next level, by a variety of natural methods, quantum tools and ancient practises that heal the root cause of all dis-ease, healing all physical symptoms, shedding old emotions, reseting the mind and awakening higher states of consciousness, embodying health love joy and peace.

Arianna’s vision is for women to know they can heal themselves of anything, and live at a totally new frequency, home in their heart, alive in their body, free in their mind, at peace in their soul, home to their true self, empowering them with the sacred tools and most transformational wisdom knowledge and support to do so.

And why Arianna has created The Body Awakening Method, a healing path that gets to the root cause and heals the body fully, at a cellular level, its here it all transforms to living truly free peaceful & healthy.

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NOURISH your whole self and feel HOME in your body

Do you long to trust yourself?

Do you wish to live your authentic self?

Do you desire to feel more feminine in your body and clothes?

Do you yearn to feel love?

Do you wish to speak your truth without fear of judgement?

Are you ready to heal?

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No More Endometriosis, No more PCOS, Pain free…

I lost 2 stone in less than 2 months… and Arianna’s positive outlook on life even helped me manifest money into my own life” I came to see Arianna as I was suffering with severe period pains, chronic abdominal and lower back pain, weight gain and general low moods. My doctors diagnosed me with having PCOS and Endometriosis which left me in a lot of pain physically and emotionally, and on a lot of pain killers, being told this could stop me from having children one day, this really upset me. I was told I needed to have surgery, but I decided I wanted to get rid of the cysts naturally as surgery would cause me more trauma. After having my consultation, following the clear protocol and having weekly support, I noticed my periods became normal and painless, I was pain free!!! So glad I said No to surgery!! I then went on to loss 2 stone in less than 2 months, had loads more energy throughout my day, and felt happier all round. My general well-being was so much better, and following Arianna’s program step by step literally changed my life. Eventually my cysts went and I started ovulating again! I made many great lifestyle changes that I incorporated into my life thanks to Arianna. Arianna is thorough in her work and research and explained everything to me properly, assuring me that everything would be ok, always making me feel positive about me getting better. I could not recommend seeing Arianna enough and her positive outlook on life even helped me manifest money into my own life. Thank you Arianna and keep doing what you are doing, you are an amazing healer and naturopath.

T, Munalula London UK/Melbourne

Are consciousness create's our reality ...

what do you choose today Goddess?
Anxiety Free, Loads More Energy And Motivation… Feeling more in control of my emotions and ready for anything.

As someone who cares a lot for my body and mind I was really interested in going deeper, looking at getting a clearer picture of my ailments, to see what their triggers were. Arianna allowed me to understand the root cause to all my symptoms, in a clear and simple way. I was so fatigued, bloated and had awful period pains, before i came to see Arianna.Having been on my plan of 8 weeks now… I for sure feel better, have loads more energy and ambition, noticeably less pain around my periods and have also altered the way I think about my food and lifestyle, which i have found fun, this has also allowed me to align more with my passions and love myself more. I feel more in control of my emotions, which feels so great! The beauty of Arianna’s work is there is no pressures to suddenly make huge dramatic changes, she makes it an understandable and enjoyable process, and her connection with you throughout the transition I found so valuable, knowing that I am accountable keeps me focused and motivated each week. I would recommend this to anyone. Even if you don’t have any big issues, it’s so important to see what’s really going on inside ourselves, and start to understand there is more truth in natural healing than covering up our pains with constant pharmaceutical drugs.”Enjoy the process. I am.

E, Pumer London UK

Health Inspiring Body Awakening Blog

My “underdog” situation …

My “underdog” situation …

  I went against everything the food industry said and 99% of what the health and nutrition industry said, and embodied the BEST body health and fitness of my life I’ve spent years actually healing my body, I know what works and what doesn’t, and if it can work...



  Hey Courageous woman, Heres an inspiring story to see what’s truly possible in this body, I know the journey can be deflating sometimes, so heres support...  whats possible for one is truly possible for another ... when I got this, I started to believe, if she...

There are specific areas of the body that connect our organs to our mental and emotional imbalances, which then connect to the physical dysfunction, painting a picture of the manifestation of dis-ease through the layers of the body, it all comes back to toxicity on some level.

Weight loss programs
Weight loss tips at home

WATCH THIS VIDEO above to see how the device works.

Nutrition Experts

Food Medicine

Food is our foundation to life, it’s here to support our bodies to cleanse and eliminate, so your body, mind, emotion’s and spirit can thrive, healing all dis-ease and reinstating balance and wellbeing. Through getting supper clear and grounded around what nutrition really is, we can create a beautiful life thats supported by our nutrition, this comes from transitioning through a mucus-free to mucus-lean style fo eating, its vibrant, simple, easy, fun and creative, and sooooo tasty, but ultimately, its your biggest healer and where true liberation comes from. As all toxic eating habits, patterns drop away, you take control and food no longer controls you, its living free.

~ as long as something has control over us, we aren’t free ~ 

Quantum Healing

The Sensitiv Imago Device 530

Bioresonance is a painless, drugless and non-invasive tool for dealing with many diseases and promoting general well-being.


Bioresoance is a scientific healing modality that harnesses the power of frequency. All matter, whether living or inert, resonates at a particular electromagnetic frequency. Each of us have our own unique frequency signature. While resonant frequencies will promote harmony and balance to our body, other frequencies including those emitted by pathogens and toxins, will create disharmony and disease.


Each of our health systems, such as our brain, heart and skin, has its own optimal frequency. This is when the system is at its strongest with good functioning and resistance to disease. However, toxins, pathogens, injury, inflammation or other imbalances will cause the cells to vibrate at altered frequencies. These deviations can be picked up by our Bioresonance Assessment and is therefore an invaluable tool for root-cause diagnostics. Due to its heightened sensitivity it can identify health imbalances before other conventional methods.


Bioresonance Therapy works by sending specific positive, or resonant, frequencies to the systems that need support. This helps harmoize the body at a cellular level and allows the tissue to self-regulate and self-heal. Bioresonance therapy is also able to help the body identify and reject unwanted substances like heavy metals, bad bacteria, and other toxins. 

This service is exclusive to The Body Awakening Retreats, Message us here to enquire about this sacred retreat experience

Heal & Shine Bright Beauty

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