we both had such ingrained food habits and emotional patterns to food our body, and our confidence in being authentic, stuck in the familiar of …

eating at set times, must get enough protein in, must drink liters of water, must have croissants, must have eggs scrambled in coconut oil, must Not get hungry, must keep drinking throughout the day, must always have breakfast, must always have snacks on us, you get the picture, sound familiar?

the familiar keeps so many stuck, we were both totally unconscious to our food and emotional habits until we got honest with ourselves and stepped out of the familiar around food in our society and choose to see it with fresh new eyes, and an open mind 

the familiar, what we think we need must have to be healthy? it’s all so much nonsense

I got to understand this truth when I went to the root and so did Alex, such revelation and freedom woke up in us both

what had we been believing, that we would drop down dead if we didn’t eat 3 set meals a day, or if we didn’t drink enough water, or if we went to long without eating, or if we didn’t get our animal foods in we would be protein deficient?

the familiar is not safe and not comfortable, let’s be honest lovely, we can all pretend, but really, the familiar is what holds you back from embodying your full potential and living true to you, and getting the results you want 

I got stuck here so many times, now it’s about, embracing the unknown, embracing the new, embracing something different, and knowing that here opens new doors of opportunity to learn grow and expand, and live true empowerment of health freedom 

What familiar are you ready to burn Beauty?♥️

Love you!

Arianna x

PS. If you’re ready to break free and pave a new vibrant path of vibrant health, and have 1on1 support, so it’s no longer a guessing game, reach out privately