Your Hormones & What You Eat, Are Massively Interwoven…

Many forms of cancer, particularly breast cancer, are hormone related. Estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer is the most common form of breast cancer, and lowering hormone levels is an effective way to reduce risk.

Several studies have shown hormone levels to be diet-related, and a new study confirms this. Three groups of women had hormone markers measured in the blood, urine and feces. The groups consisted of a vegetarian group, an omnivorous group and an omnivorous group with breast cancer. The participants were assessed four times during a one-year period of time.

Vegetarians had reduced levels of estrogen and increased production of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which helps to inactive and remove excess estrogen. The meat eaters without cancer had higher hormone levels, and the highest hormone levels were found in the meat eaters with breast cancer.

The lead author of the study concluded that maintaining less body fat, eating less fat, and eating more fiber resulted in lowering estrogen levels in post-menopausal women, which lowers their risk of breast cancer. To this I would add eliminating dairy products from the diet since dairy products all contain estrogen metabolites; milk comes from pregnant cows, so this should not be surprising.

The food you eat will change your body, health and life.

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