I know you feel it… that frustration, the suppression, where there is so much fire inside… but the brain fog, the low self-worth, the lack of confidence, the internal physical and mental chaos… this all gets in the way

These layers, they are not yours.
Trust that.

I see you and I know you are here for greatness, otherwise… you simply would not be here right now!

NOW is your time, it’s arrived. You are such a warrior for getting to this now, here moment, in herstory

Our freedom of expression is paramount, for the prana to circulate…
within us first and in turn, outside of us, emanating out like the mesmerising light that is always inside of you

the people pleasing drains that light inside… the undervaluing serves no one

I want you to know, your voice, your unique soul blueprint and soul imprints… your character, everything that makes you you, your divine quirks

let me tell you sister,
the world needs that right now more than ever

And you know what, YOU deserve to experience your true bliss on this earth

To experience our true bliss we must connect with and see our full potential

To see our full potential, we must anchor into our sacred knowing and trust within ourselves that we can birth our hearts desires. YOU CAN.

When we connect with our inner truth, our power, our hearts desires, with the right focus, we get to fully embody the lionlioness we are

The throat chakra is the epicentre, the channel, the birthing canal…

to seeing, feeling, creating our deep magic, here we birth our authenticity and true-Self into life

When we speak our truth, our Full truth, we heal, we rise, we shine in all our multifaceted amazingness and you feel INCREDIBLE.

You feel freedom rise.

Never dim your light.

I believe in you.