the food we eat acid or alkaline impacts the chemistry of this body and how we feel, and how we feel impacts the function of your DNA, essential for our well-being 

E-motions are just Energy wanting to move through this body, yet when the body is so full of mucus and acid clogging and blocking the way, those emotions get stuck and find it hard to flow through, so they keep perpetuating it gets exhausting, it feels like an inner battle 

but you can heal these emotions, emotions are chemistry, so when we use the correct food, when we understand cellular detox is an art form, when we take our health seriously, yet with a lightness of being in knowing, all is well when we listen to this body 

and this has never been about eliminating all emotion, which is what I once believed, oh I need to get rid of them all, no, what this is, is creating a space inside this body to be able to feel and accept and let go

Everything starts with understanding and knowledge, there is always a way, a way to heal anything, the weight the depression stress anxiety food cravings (which are just stuck emotions)

my journey has shown me the power of feeling, of de-toxing my body so I could actually feel what was going on inside me instead of suppressing it, ignoring it and brushing it off as normal

the food we feed ourselves and waste that needs to be removed from the body, is the key, you are the key, it’s all in the awareness to reprioritise what’s important to you, because if something is important to you

you find the resources, and take action on the most important area of life, your well-being, this holds the answers to everything, and brings everything home to truth

that is to live well happy at peace and in harmony with all

It starts with your body, and you, and the food you decide to put in your body, and the waste you get out or don’t get out of the body

Clarity starts within, 

clear within, 

clear the way.

this is freedom, 


true wHEALTH. 

I love you!