And I don’t mean your body has to be a certain size shape look … I’m talking about what’s inside your body that’s causing the imbalance … I speak to this and share this innate wisdom, cause I tried so hard to get my business working for me for so long, like years

Yeah I know you hear, oh it takes 5 years to get your business working for you, you can believe what you want, and what you believe is what you’ll see, 

I knew, I had a deep inner sacral knowing (sacral authority in my human design) so I just knew, there was other stuff in me that I had to clear to birth my true Self and business as who I am being in the world 

I’m not going to lie, I had to dig fucking deep, I had to go where most wont and dont, I had look at some very uncomfortable stuff in the eyes, I had to fully commit, even though at times I dropped off, I got back up again, 


…cause my desire to be of service to others was so great, I knew I had something that had to be shared with the world, I couldn’t bare to see others struggle when there’s a way through it … I’m a cancer crab, I care I nurture divine mother space holder …


you choose to remember you are safe to reclaim all your power to feel good to feel well, no more fearing your power in a healthy body and using that fat as protection, you are safe to express, be you, be free 

And…I got some inside info High Priestess, it simply honestly doesn’t work that way for women like us, the structure the rules the manipulation the control the agendas the push the force the try the stress

it’s all bullshit lies, we are different, and different is safe, it’s beautiful, we hold very high frequency codes, under all that junk and toxic waste that lays in the body, is the remembrance of joy bliss inner-peace freedom!!!

…when a She (You) reclaims her innate inner Goddess power, her God-Goddess energy, her inner Union masculine/feminine, she awakens – her soul in human form IS potent

… it’s ALWAYS been about finding that wholeness that lives within yourself, inner peace that lives through you as you, as you always feel home, in you 

So all that emotional eating, lack of self-control caffeine sugar codependency low self-worth shame – that all disappears when you clear within, when you end the giving of power away to external forces and choose YOU

clear within

clear without

heal below

heal above  

It’s all connected. 

So do you see High priestess Woman of this sacred Earth, you are a keeper of the earth, your calling right now is huge, we all have a responsibility now,

…to nurture care love heal this body, focus on you, the rest with naturally unfold and flow to you when you go within and heal your precious sacred body 

… she is, you are the love that for so long seeked outside, when this is remembered, that you are already enough already whole already complete, this illusionary game on planet earth ends, 

… and paradise is birthed through YOU

… the excess weight all goes

… the stress dissolves

… the fears fade away

… the food addictions burn

And the true confident happy healthy LIGHT free you, says “Hi Babe, I’m Home!”

So darling, you are the secret, you are the gift, now tap into your SOUL memory, and flow with that divine light of truth … to FREEDOM …

You are THE freedom. It’s ALWAYS been you.

So, do you choose to live it?

Awaken to your divine body.

Love you!❤️