I was on an internship at Alexandra Mcqueen doing the artwork in London, I loved the patterns prints colour textures, freedom of self-expression

Do you feel like you can just go for it, are you wearing what you would really wear right now, if you didn’t fear what another would think or say?

Confidence, feeling good in your body is such a huge part of the expression of our unique self, authentic Self,

I know I suppressed my unique style because of the fear of judgement and what others would think of me, this all sits in the solar plexus, which links to your endocrine glands and stress hormones, and cellular regeneration

Centre of personal power, confidence, strength and authenticity, and physically links to digestive issues upset discomfort weight gain adrenal issues fatigue sluggishness fear stress

Get the sun on your digestive area, and imagine the light dissolving all darkness fear pain worry (no sunshine, then just imagine it-quantum style, you are the creator), eating bananas butternut squash pumpkin sweet pots quinoa red pepper ginger spelt lemongrass is all nourishing for this area, you can also gaze at a fire to burn through the blocks dis-ease fear🔥

Feeling happy and healthy in this body has allowed me to feel more at peace with my expression and style, with who I am

How is your digestion? What are your stress hormones saying? do you feel open to express your emotions feelings freely? can you feel your strength? what is being authentic to you? do you feel centered?

Now is our time as women to step up, to remember the power we hold within and to no longer compare judge worry, but embrace our own unique style and each other! #priorunity

you’re here to shine Goddess
✨✨✨and be uniquely YOU!

You get to be ALL of your BEAUTIFUL Self
free to express your HEART!

How would feeling more confident, healthy, authentic joyful calm in your body transform things for you right now?

🌿It all comes down to 2 steps🌿
Toxicity and Terrain –
transforming your internal environment by alkalizing, using whole plant foods juices herbs, you have to address the body’s pH to transform your health, your blood is life, here life transforms, this goes for any dis-ease in the body, it all comes back to these 2 steps

Here you can heal anything.
Naturally. Be empowered.
Take control of your freedom!
You are so precious Dear one!

Love you!
Arianna xx