childhood trauma
I stored a belief that it must have happened to me because I did something wrong
that’s how I made sense of it at 5 years old

this lead to;
Needing to proof myself to be accepted
Giving away my power
Being controlled
Saying yes when I meant no
Putting myself into toxic relationships
Having to be perfect to be accepted

Only was I able to fully witness this deep painful trauma in a safe held space

I’ve seen this myself, holding space for amazing women even virtually, and how that held nurtured safe space allows us to

open up
to get real
to forgive
to accept
and to take back our power

I honor my courage
I honor your courage
I honor my strength
I honor your strength

To step up
To stand up
To show up
For others to rise and heal

Not only is it the safe space which allows this deep healing witnessing letting go and releasing of abuse

But the striping away of numbing toxic foods that hide it all, the physical toxins,

I was wondering for years, what was is my way, of rising into my highest potential

Now I know,
And now I’m free

Free we all get to be

When we allow ourselves to get real with the truth of what happened

this is our greatest freedom
this is our greatest truth

Born free
to Live free

It’s your time.

Love you!

Arianna x