I believe in Natural Law, not man made law.

No institution can decide what is best for you, only YOU KNOW that inside. 

I believe in human rights for all, this has been so manipulated, it is time for change on our planet, and that change starts inside all of us. 

I care for my fellow human family. I care for the wellbeing of our plant and all on it, even the ones who have acted horrendous roles, we all chose the stories, so we can all choose to love and live happily ever after. I can find understanding in my heart, the only reason another hurts is because they are deeply hurting inside, deeply wounded, there is no them and us, there is just us, we all as one. We need more love, kindness, softness, the feminine touch, this heals all.

I understand the fear so many are feeling right now, because so much is being unearthed, and it must be, this is not the time to bury your head deeper into the sand but to stand up with your brave courageous heart for what you believe, what YOU believe, it’s a choice. 

It’s time now to SHOW up for yourself.

You are a light and your light is needed, Now. 

Speak up, do not ever silence your sacred song of truth. 

When I woke up within myself to the truth that I AM sovereign and I AM born free and no one can tell me what I can and can’t do, I remembered truth, I remembered the power in my heart to emanate my light, and BE the change.

No one wants to be told what to do, I can’t stand it.

So why follow made up rules? Rules made UP by whom, an illusionary force within, wipe the slate, rules are a lie, Freedom is truth, Love is truth.

There is nothing you can not achieve, you can heal it all through nature, your nature is an alchemist, man has messed with god and that will never result in truth, we see this through medication vaccinations agrochemicals cancer treatment…

look to nature, look to her truth, it’s a full reclaiming of power – look to my journey of healing over 40 symptoms some said to be incurable, all through nature, simplicity is truth love is truth possibility is truth courage is truth, beauty, to love and live in harmony with all life is the truth. 

Trust life. Trust you. Trust your heart.


Love you!