To that woman who’s ALL in on living here best most alive life, but feeling like shit right now, here’s an inspiring story, see feel, what’s truly possible in this body…

I know this body journey can be urgh, so here’s high vibes of support … divine light guiding your way …

What’s possible for one, IS absolutely possible for ALL!

Lucy came to me having already tired so much, totally clued up on the food industry and knowing that the medical industry was a complete flop and misleading her down a path of even more pain and dis-ease.

She was fed-up with the excess 33lbs weight she was carrying, even though it wasn’t just about the weight, she craved to reconnect to herself, to feel peace within her body soul heart, to feel confident as she was starting up a new business and needed to awaken that joie de vie from within (she got it all starts within!)🗝

She was done with the lies, enough was enough, she’d been doing all the dieting exercise nutrition supplements well-being stuff, trying to find balance, all that effort and no results! 

So she reached out to us to find out more, she had heard about us through a past clients amazing results of 25lbs weight loss after years struggling, and her feelings of calm happiness clarity and joy in herself 

I told Lucy we don’t do it like the 99%, we have a more radical approach, we do it differently, she was open to a different approach as nothing was working for her, she was ready for her freedom energy vibrant body.

So she booked a complimentary Body Breakthrough call with us and the rest is history!

She lost 30lbs effortlessly, got of 7 years of thyroid medication and now feels at peace with her body, confident in who she is, wearing clothes she loves, and feeling sexy and fit, her body feels light and feminine 

The method I created after seeing such radical results in my own body, works on the whole body, balancing emotions, losing the excess weight, awakening true Self and toning the body, clearing the mind and bringing peace to the soul

…and why we call it The Body Awakening Reset method, 

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