YOU CAN LOSE IT! for good! - Arianna

Helen nearly stopped believing; a story of inspiration for you…

Never stop believing IN YOUR CAPABILITY! you can make it happen โ€ฆ forget the past โ€ฆ be here now โ€ฆ honest with your hearts desires

Helen came to me after trying everything, she thought, she had lost all hope faith belief that there was even a way to lose the excess 35lbs after decades tryingย 

I asked Helen, what she needed?ย 

Her reply โ€œa way I can believe in!โ€

We talked about everything she had done tried read about, and I showed her all the gaps, where it was not making sense and why she wasnโ€™t getting results and how to say goodbye to that excess toxic 35lbs of fat for good and remember her freedom to thrive!

After years of trying, Helen was skeptical, so I told her about Claire, another of my courageous clients who got the results Helen wanted, and then I asked Helen, if youโ€™re in the same place in 12 months, howโ€™s that going to make you feel?ย 

She said โ€œI will not let that happen, I WILL do whatEVER it takesโ€

and from here, I said โ€œI know I can help you lose that 35lbs in 6 months, would you like my one on one support to get you there safelyโ€

The rest is history, Helen lost 40 lbs in 6 months, totally transformed her confidence self-worth left her job and started up her own business in wellness, sheโ€™s now living her dream, on her terms, in a body she loves, and has recently magnetized her soulmate love into her life

Helen got to this place by booking a complimentary Body Breakthrough call โ€” and certain I could help her lose the stubborn excess weight and feel that inner peace and happiness, she enrolled into our 6 month Body Awakening Reset programย 

A way you can believe in, is The Body Awakening Reset method, it works, 6 months one on one to reset fully, no more worry now more stress no fear, but more ease flow and peace is the truthย 

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