This decision is connected to the Health of your thyroid.

Maybe you crave chocolate, so do you make the highest choice by choosing organic 70%+ cacao, or do you settle for the dairy milk, knowing the darker is a much healthier choice…

This energy of choice is connected to your thyroid and its balance.

A healthy thyroid calls you to a place of making choices for your highest good, and your planets, in every moment.

Have your been feeling off lately, totally fatigued, feel like weight is pilling on, your not sleep well at all, you ache, maybe your hairs even thinning out, and nothing’s happening in the bedroom, and you keep forgetting things or maybe your head is just not clear?

Does this sound familiar?

Are you on thyroid medication, or have you been diagnosed with hypothyroid/hashimotos, but said no to meds (well done), and now it’s about finding away to get your energy, sleep, life and body back…

How’s your relationship with food and your choices in your life, do you make the highest choice for you and your planet? Are you bothered about quality or quantity? Concerned about GMO/organic?

You thyroid is your data centre, it will check what’s working and what’s not, and what’s toxic and what’s not, an internal system to check what you are putting in your body.

5 Power Steps to Awaken & Heal Your Thyroid
– Quality always over quantity
– Make the highest choices for you and your planet
– Make friends with your food and the energy its here to give you
– Take back your power around the choices your have to get well
– Know that you are safe and change is safe