I was talking with a sister yesterday over lunch about wanting to be a model in my teens, so many beautiful characters I played in this life, yet I’ve held so much shame around them

at 13 I was in London knocking on all the agency doors storm elite …, so innocent, so wanting to be seen, validated, that I was enough, I was beautiful, looked up and down, ‘you’re not right for us’

programmed instantly, even deeper, I’m not enough as I am, I need to change to be perfect to be prettier to be skinner to look like her 

I then went through a period of anorexia, striped myself bare, mental torment, deep down I felt so unworthy to even be alive to even belong

I wanted to disappear, then the partying began, the intoxication of escape through drugs alcohol sex food

fast forward a decade, head in vogue working at top luxury fashion houses McQueen Williamson, then working backstage as an assistant fashion photographer at London Paris Milan fashion week shooting at D&G Gucci Fendi and JPG’s house 

champagne sushi caffeine and milk chocolate was my healthy then, for 3 weeks I remember this is all I ate, my mind told me I was loving this glam life

unconsciously pretending this lifestyle made me feel good, on the surface yes, deep within my heart, I was asleep, un-conscious (I was lost in the lye – to look cool, look important, as I never felt enough as me)

my soul was empty my heart closed my mind lost in the ego the conditioning, hormones out of balance, craving sugar caffeine everyday to keep going, exhausted burnt out adrenals, running of adrenaline and perfectionism

I had no idea what I was doing to my body, I was too focused on the external, how I looked to others, being seen as super hip, following what society said I needed to be to be accepted, as ‘I’ve made it’

but had I, 

I was dead inside, 

but when I was in it, 

I thought I was really living it up, 

I thought I was alive,

then I realised,

how …

I don’t need to be a model

I don’t need to be wearing only designer clothes

I don’t need to make millions

I don’t need to be seen with a certain group of people 

I don’t need to eat a certain way to fit in

… to be enough … 

there’s nothing wrong with any of this, it’s beautiful, if that’s what really makes the individual happy healthy at peace within, alive in love with life, living true to Self 

I came to understand and embody, I am enough by simply being me, being alive, breathing, in all my humaneness, I am enough

this body emotion detox food healing self healing journey, it’s allowed me to come home to a state of unconditional self-love self-acceptance, after decades of self-hate and self-abuse 

NOW it’s about living a beautiful life, a life of freedom in body mind soul, taking care of this body, WELL-being

the way we FEEL in-body 

is the compass of truth

living fully on my terms, the CEO of my life business Health happiness Truth wealth 

this journey has shown me what is truly possible, how much we can change if we’re willing, if we want to change, if we want to experience our full potential, our best life, anything is possible, when we say yes to more 

then British Vogue reached out to me, asking to feature The Body Awakening Retreat’s I founded and facilitate in Ibiza (next:April 2022)

isn’t it funny, life will always reveal the truth, if we simply allow the letting go of what no longer serves us

so life can present to you what is really awaiting your attention and calling you home 

when we suppress any part of who we truly are, we will always find an outlet through an external source that drains our power

stay true to you, you are ENOUGH Beauty❤️

I now support Women worldwide to feel and look their best, lose excess weight, heal their emotions and hormones, get off medication, and come home to knowing they are MORE than enough as they are, the way of self-love and self-acceptance, so they can start living true to who they really are, loving life!

Reach out to find out more about our current bespoke Body Awakening Reset 1:1 programs

What do you REALLY want?

love to you!


Women’s Health Specialist.