Every summer we went to see family in the Andalusian mountains, I was so drawn to flamenco, and food 

I remember the spirit passion magic of that dance, the creative power, I was draw in, my heart on fire for the energy that I could feel moving 

that creative force, 

the duende, 

is in all of us

I lost my duende, and had to re-awaken it, to remember my creative power, that lay deep under all the food addictions toxins body shame trauma family stuff in my reproductive organs, impacting my hormones mental health and freedom to be me 

I saw how this journey of flamenco, and food, was guiding me back to my duende my passion my inspiration for life, to break free from the constructs that had been built around me to fit in to please to be a good girl

when my spirit was a wild woman, wanting to dance with the wolfs, make love to the earth, bath in wildflowers, make love to the joy of life

fast forward to the last 4 years of my life, and that creative force, that SELF-LOVE, has been fully awoken

I found my purpose within this purified body, my duende awake, after clearing out the acidic foods, the parasites in my gut, the stimulant addictions in my adrenals, the self-abuse 

by alkalising the liver kidneys and stomach, detoxing my cells regenerating my detox pathways, and addressing my emotions, I came ALIVE again like a child, so much passion energy joy 

I shifted from a life unfulfilled, uninspired, disconnected

to a life fulfilled, inspired and deeply connected to my Soul

remove the acidic food medication-toxicity, you will definitely find your creative flow, your purpose, your passion, your ALIVENESS TO do it your way, and live FULLY as YOU want

this is a path to full health and purpose awakening, 

an embark into our Body Awakening reset programs, it’s freedom love 

Is it time to break-free and feed your soul, to shed the excess heavy weight, bin the toxic medication, and reclaim your feminine power, to feel empowered as the creative woman you are?!

I would love to be your 1on1 guide to absolute freedom and happiness! 

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feel you darling🌹