You’re a Goddess on a mission, the breakdown, the sadness the feeling fat moments

It’s not you going backwards, it’s the Goddess’s path of breakthrough, it’s the up-level, its happening love, fearless, gentleness, love conquers all 

you face it all, you never give up, you realise those moments of holding back, thinking you have to wait, are over

you see that the plateau in your weight, or that weight that keeps coming back, is calling you deeper into you…

the breakdown, is not a space of loss, but a space of gain, it’s here you lean even further into your vision, for you your life your mission your relationships 

you start to see that brain fog dissolve, you begin to see a clearer way forward, one of trust surrender a letting go, following your inner gut knowing

honouring what you truly need, and giving it to yourself, as you know you are so worthy so deserving of your desires, as a Goddess, you OWN that, ground it NOW

no one, or no-thing gets in your way, you know what you need within, you don’t back out of your sacred calling, you remember the truth

it’s not about the 3D system of fitting into the egos rules, it’s about following your 5D heart that knows all, sees all, and is your guiding light to stress-free living

the breakthrough is happening, and it’s a release now of the old structures old ways that do not serve, an anchoring of a way that truly supports you your body your energy your happiness

a way that shines light on your life, on all that lights YOU up, is guiding you to more ease, 

and the weight, Says Adios!

when you, say Of Course I CAN Breakthrough 

I AM a Goddess of transformation, came on!

there is nothing we can’t overcome

here is the power re-claiming

now listen within love, 

for your next steps, 

that come from 


home to the Garden of Eden, 

your inner garden, your gut

when healthy, will birth all the 

love joy happiness peace clarity,

weed that garden, and blossOM

Freedom is the feminine spirit. 

BE HER. Be Brave. Trust💕